Photo; Linda Zamis

06/08/2011 Today was pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday’s trip, only today the Bass were laid up in small pods rather than singles, but the end result for the day was exactly the same. What was a good sign was how the bass were tracking. At our first stop, 2nd cast, in 10" of water, our perfectly placed offering landed into a pod of 6+ Bass and no sooner did it hit the water and we were hooked up and after a blistering run a few minutes later we had our selves a nice 25" Bass. We continued to work a long stretch of Flat till' we came across a few single nice size Bass tailing and rooting for shrimp in the grass. We worked these guys for a good 1/2 hour + but just could not get them to eat. That area was the highlight spot for the trip, the remaining time on the water we had a handful of Bass turn aggressively on our lures but did not have any takers, we lost a bruiser Bass then we hooked up but he swam free when the hook bent.The water temperatures are still on the climb getting up to 71 today in the high sun. Next report will be on 6/10