Photo; Dave & Ryan Yen

06/21/2011 Well thankfully my crystal ball was correct. Today truly delivered a fine example of the magic of the SJ back country. We pushed off from the dock with a slight WNW breeze and slick calm conditions, and very fishy. We rolled on to our first flat of the day and right off the bat we could see good groups of Bass pushing water in the shallows. Our second cast for the day we raised our first Bass of the day, but no hook up. We continued to get shots at moving Bass for the next 20 minutes or so but I tell ya these Bass were very shallow and in turn were very sensitive today and skittish and required leading them by 20 feet when casting. We continued working the flat and in a short time we had a hog Bass roll on our Plug and miss, only to have its schoolie cohort take it and run. A few minutes later we had the skunk removed from the boat. We had a couple more shots at singles but for the most part the area became pretty quite so we up'ed and ran to hit another flat...we thought. Always on the scan when I am running from spot to spot I am always keeping in touch with my gut and what it is telling me and today it was screaming at me, so on our run I passed an area that was looking far too good to pass up so we carved our turn deeper in the back country. We hadn't been staked out more that 10 minutes and things started hopping. Like clock work the Bass popped up from the channel on to the flat as they feasted on grass shrimp, crabs.....They had their blinders on as they gorged, but were still skittish. We stayed on this school for about an hour getting solid shots at Bass. We had a lot of followers, raised a few more, and managed 2 more Bass to the boat in the 24" class. At one point we had a train of a dozen Bass rolling their way down the flat edge before we plucked ours. In these schools there were some brute size Bass but they were very hard to hook up. We raised one that came completely out of the water when crashing the top water plug. That guy was a solid 30"+. For the day we had 3 Bass to the boat with solid consistent shots. Water temps 60 degrees. I will be on the water the remainder of the week. My next update will be over the weekend..