10/18/2011 We pushed off today with a stiff SW wind,15 knt, sunny skies and water temps hanging on the edge of the magic 50's. The water looked good today but it was slow going at the start, covering a good amount of water with no results. Saw some bait, some lathargic, smaller fish... So I decided that we would run to a few of my older haunts and once we settled down in our new old grounds it didn't take long before we had our 1st taker. This was a very nice Bass that took control right out of the gate with a long reel singing run with the current towards the shallows. After a few minutes of back and forth he came, rolled and gave us back our lure, as he swam away off the flat. It was all good, we got collected, got right back into position to put another cast in there and bang, good strike but not tight, then 3 casts later, bang, it was game on with another nice Bass that gave a good battle and a couple of minutes later we had him posing for a photo. This guy was smaller than our first that we lost, but he was still a scrappy 26’ bass. We worked the area for another 45 minutes but as the current slowed, the bite did as well. A short skiff ride put me back into a good flow of water and I knew we would be into bass in no time. We got into position and our 2nd cast in we had a nice strike and a miss, so we layed another cast out in exactly the same spot, and bang we were tight. This bass came to the surface fast, slashed, went down and was gone. A few strikes later the water slowed, winds kicked up, and we pulled up stakes to hit one more spot on our way home. As we skated across the water I could see that the spot was looking fertile, egrets, herons....you name it was there like an oasis in the desert. We slid into the basin poling a decent speed, with the wind and the current, pointing out the areas to cast to. My client laid the perfect cast in and no sooner did it hit the water and he was tight to a bass, and off to the races as he sped around the shallows towards the back of the basin. That’s when we saw another group of 5+ bass move that were silently laid up. A few minutes later we had him boat side and released a nice 23" Bass. We called it a day.