10/21/2011 Well today was one of those days that just wasn't going as predicted as we pushed off from the dock in a stiff 15-20 west wind that should have been 5-10. We slipped into our first spot, looked good, saw some Bass tailing and working bait in the shallows...but with all of my arsenal ready we just could not get them to eat our offerings. Being snubbed at the start of the day I could see that the bass were not going to make it easy for us. We hit a couple of hit and run spots throwing top water to no avail so we settled in on some shallow water structure and went subsurface. It took about three casts before we had our first Bass of the day on the line. He was a micro bass all of 12 inches. A few casts later we were tight again and to our surprise it was a nice 4 lb Bluefish. Then, no more than 5 casts later, we had a nice Bass crush the lure and start taking line as he ran with the current. It was a very wise battle as he worked his way down the flat edge but a few minutes later we had a nice 25" Bass boatside. A quick photo, then released. Then someone flipped the switch and the action was done. We decided to make a run to some more structure with good current. We fished for about 10 minutes before our best bass of the day arrived and this guy was really a wiley coyote as he did circles around and under the skiff and every time he did my client had to do the same and with every lap of the skiff the hurdles were, go around the push pole, under the trolling engine, over the platform, behind the motor, up on the back, in the cockpit, up on the bow....then finally we had him boat side, a nice 29" Bass. A quick pic and released. Despite getting on Bass again at our next 2 areas, each with lock jaw in the shallows. That Bass marked the last Bass of the day