11/03/2011 Hmmm, very interesting trip today. No wind, slick calm conditions, long time client, 49 degree air, 49 degree water and ready to rumble, especially coming off my Halloween Havoc trip. We skated across the water to our first spot of the day and @ 200 yards+ away we could see giant pods of Bass rolling on bait . I mean these fish were happy, and the basin was so thick with Bass you pretty much could have walked across them. Our second cast we raised our first Bass of the day....but missed it. Then a few casts later we raised another beastly Bass...but he missed it. Then suddenly it became like Permit fishing in the keys. These Bass were happily rolling and feeding non-stop until we got into casting range, then they stopped and disappeared. I mean really disappeared. We could not buy a strike on top, below, deep....nada, it was truly puzzling. How they sensed us, I do not know, because we were silent...really silent. Now this type of Bass cat and mouse game followed us for the next 2 hours and 45 minutes, which resulted in 1 Bass to the boat and another that dropped the hook. We did the run and gun, fishing deep, shallow, mid-depth, fast current, slow current.....you name it, we fished it. Then I said to my client we need peaceful surroundings, wind at our back, smooth, good flowing water, so off we went to one of my old school hot spots that would fit the description just right....a spot so shallow at the entry that the Bass can’t even pass through, which means they are trapped until the tide is high enough, which means if they are in there it can be like shooting fish in a barrel. and we did just that. In our last hour of the trip we put 9 Bass in the boat, lost 3 more that came unhooked, and missed a handful of short strikes before things cooled off. It was a great 9th inning rally that delivered Bass from 23" to 29" and FAT. Things are full steam ahead.