Photo: Mike & Nick Fischette

11/14/08 Slick calm water, no wind, fog so thick we could barely see the bow of the boat and bass rolling like tarpon just waiting for a well placed fly to sweep in front of them, so that’s just what we did. It took us about a 1/2 hour to close the deal on these rollers but we finally manage to hook up after getting the perfect presentation that they could not resist, which resulted in a nice 28" Bass plucked from 10" of water, and as a bonus I managed to capture all of it on film which will be seen in my next video, and trust me on this will not want to miss this! We stayed in front of Bass the remainder of today's trip which produced some fine Bass ranging in size from 20-28". There are some real monsters lurking around throughout the SJ backcountry right now as I witnessed again today as a solid 20lb+ (42") hog came boatside chasing our lure as it came up from the depths. Hold on tight, this upcoming week should be exciting.