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HOW DO I BOOK A TRIP? You can book by e-mail or phone. A $100 deposit is required to hold each day. Your reservation will be held for 7 working days pending arrival of deposit. The confirmation of your booking will be sent by mail upon receiving your deposit.

HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN YOU TAKE? 2 passengers maximum. Sorry no exceptions
HOW LONG ARE YOUR TRIPS? A half day is 4hours and a full day is 6 hours.
DO I NEED TO BRING A LUNCH? Yes, a cooler will be provided for your convience. Bring plenty of fluids.
CAN A FLY FISHERMAN AND SPIN FISHERMAN FISH TOGETHER? Yes, spinning tackle is also available if needed as well Fly Tackle if needed.
DO YOU TAKE CHILDREN? Yes as long as the child is over 9 years old. Also, remember that silence is critical when stalking shallow water fish.
HOW MANY FISH CAN I EXPECT TO CATCH? This question is impossible to answer. This type of specialized fishing is challenging for all levels of anglers. Success is dependent on your capability to capitalize on opportunities as they unfold and to adapt to the prevailing conditions. Practice casting into, across, downwind, and at night and you will be at a great advantage
DO YOU KEEP THE FISH THAT WE CATCH? My service relolves around the sport, challange and excitement of the hunt so there for my policy is strickly catch and release in back country waters both in Southern New Jersey as well as the Florida Keys
WHAT LODGING IS AVAILABLE? I always find AAA lodging is reliable. Look at www.aaa.com in the areas of Ocean City (family oriented, dry town, Oceanside boardwalk) Margate (boardwalk, nice dining, 5 minitues to Atlantic City). Atlantic City (casinos, boardwalk, theater entertainment) ALL ARE WITHIN 10 MINUTES OF THE DOCK.
WHAT IF I HAVE TO CANCEL MY TRIP? Cancellation policy is as follows; Deposits are nonrefundable. Cancellations made 60 days prior to trip date can be rescheduled to another date. Within 60 days prior to trip will be rescheduled only if original dates can be filled.
WHAT IF THERE IS BAD WEATHER? Weather cancellations are at the discretion of the Captain and will be rescheduled when inclement conditions prevail
DO YOU ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS? I accept cash and personal/business checks only. No charge cards accepted.