They always say that you are a product of your upbringing and I am here to tell you that looking back, they are right. Aside from my parents doing a great job raising me, the outside factors will sculpt you as well. At first appearance one may think that being a longed hair galoot I grew up a Grateful Dead lovin', incense burning, tree hugging, geology major kind of guy but in fact I was just the opposite. I was a fishing, surfing, skateboarding, guitar playing, short haired punk rocker involved in the birth of the early 1980's punk scene (not this pseudo modern gen-x "punk" crapola") and majored in the arts. So needless to say it is easy to see that it was inevitable with this rebellious streak in me that it would result in always taking the against the grain approach of what's popular. This individualist counter culture life style has managed to stick with me and it still plays a very big part of all my decisions today especially on the water. With that said I have boiled down a few of my pertinent life experiences and compiled a list of thoughts of relevance, observations and most importantly the rules,when practiced with "focus," it will make you a better angler.....Click PAGE #2