The Mojo
1) Having good mojo on the boat is priority one for me and this includes being one (focused) with what is going on around me at all times and without "focus" the rest of the rules listed below will become meaningless.
The Rules
2) Have a plan A and a plan B. For me Plan B is to make sure that plan A works.
3) Stick to your plans unless the plan is to do what everyone else is doing which leads me to rule #3.
4) Don't be a sheep..Never fish the fleets of boats...(see 7/3 report) you will learn nothing by following others.
5) Pioneer your spots, every fleet will start with a single boat. Be that boat and leave when the herd arrives.
6) Radio chatter is no good even when talking in "code" about spots and catches. The "well to do sheep" will find you. How you ask? .... Google "Marine directional radios"... Then you'll know why.
7) Confidence is key. No matter what the conditions are I never leave the dock doubtful that I will catch fish, I leave always knowing I am going to put clients on fish and I will.
The Jinx
8) Catching a fish on the first cast is never a good thing, so enjoy it while the fight lasts for it will probably also be your last fish of the day.
9) You never catch fish when the camera is out.
10) Bananas are bad JuJu.
11) No matter where you are fishing SW winds are the kiss of death.

The Karma
12) Practice catch and release and you will be rewarded.
13) Crimp you barbs. Better hook penetration and friendlier on the fish and as a bonus they pull out of marsh grass, mangroves, sodbanks .... much easier.
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