As I said earlier mojo and focusing are the most important factors in success and achieving this state will open the doors to things you never believed possible. This will allow you to do things like reading the water and reading it correctly. I always say read the water and it will tell you what you should do, what to throw, whether it is good or only looking good. For example: when running and gunning for Dolphin my years of practice have brought me to a point that I can tell you which pot, which floating log, which weed lines will have fish on it just by reading the water. The hot spots will have the magic twinkle (texture) that the others just don't have. Hit enough of them and you will see what I am talking about. Focus and you will see the subtle difference between good water and dead water. The magic twinkle.
Species observations

14) Never under estimate your quarry.
15) Permit are the genius of the flats. They know what you are going to do even before you know what you are going to do.
16) Tarpon are like dogs, at times they will do exactly what you want, when you want it, and other times they will just look at you and keep on moving on, but when they are happy there's nothing better.
17) Bonefish are Bonefish.
18) Stripers are a wonderful blend of all the above and are far smarter than their reputation. Fish them on artificials and in a few inches of water and you will see just how smart they are. Bunker Dunking no comment.
19) Dolphin, Mahi, Dorado, Chickens, Peanuts whatever you want to call them they are the sheep of the seas. There is no such thing as catching 1 dolphin.
20) Albies are the inshore Ferrari. Always a workout, always moving, always challenging, always expensive. If you want Albie success you must be committed to dropping everything at a minutes notice to chase them.