Trust me, I know what you're saying right now, why so many rods? And the reason is simple, when running offshore for Dolphin you never know what you will run into, Bluefin, Albies, Skippies, Dolphin,Wahoo and they can be on the surface, mid level, or on the bottom. You break rods, you get break offs, multiple name it, it can happen, and it usually does and fast. I carry nothing short of 6 supply per lure so running out is not an option. And the last thing on the check list is a good pair of binoculars. I find more fish from looking through the glass, by far, than with the naked eye. Also, as a side note, all my usual rules apply. Never believe what you hear, Never go to where the Hot bite is, "supposed" to be and by far the most important, as Frank Silver and Irving Cohn would say "Yes we have NO BANANAS".
This brings us to the final section of the article and could possibly be the most important, and that is your arsenal. I leave the dock with no stone unturned, no matter what could possibly unfold during the trip, I have a solution. On a 2 angler trip I take the following rods: 2 Deep jigging, 4 Scott Fly Rods (2-10wt, 2- 12wt), 2 G Loomis Bucaras, 1 for casting metal, 1 for big poppers, 5 Trolling rods in case I have a moment of insanity and forget that I don't troll, 2 Calcutta bait casting outfits rigged with Crippled Herrings for pot hopping, 1 spinning outfit with a live bait hook in case I sustain a head injury and forget I don't fish live bait, 2 light tackle outfits, 1 with a Deadly Dick the other with a Crippled Herring, 2 spinning rods with poppers, 2 more with bucktails, and 1 rod rigged up with the WEAPON (my regulars know what I'm talkin about.
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