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The Maverick Mirage 17 HPX-V is a revolutionary flats skiff designed for the most dedicated shallow water anglers. It poles quieter and shallower than any other boat in its class. The 17 is ground zero for the next generation of high performance, poling skiffs. The HPX-V offers a dry, comfortable ride as well as ample storage for gear, which is importantfor an enjoyable day on the water. With an 6-inch draft and its silent poling ability, we're able to stalk present a fly or atricicials to fish that would normally not be accessible. In other words Tailing and waking Bass all to our selves, everyday all season long.

The New 32 has been treating me very good since I purchased her. With 300 Gallons now under my feet this boat puts me in the heart of the blue water were Tuna, and Dolphin will the the light tackle targets. Having grown up fishing in SNJ were Bluefish, Shark and Bonito (maybe) being the norm in the 80's I really cut my teeth in the blue waters in the Lower Florida keys fishing those offshore pelagic waters since 1980. I bring that same backcountry light tackle and fly fishing adventure to the offshore Pelagics that roam the waters of NJ.
This offshore service is not open to the general public but is offered exclusively to existing and future Iowa Fortune clients that I fish with in the backcountry and their guests. This premium service began to be offered in 2006 and is now the facet of my services that will continue to raise the bar for light tackle angling here in Southern New Jersey. This is just another reason why the Iowa fortune is New Jersey's premier guide service. This is just the beginning of many new options to be added to the Iowa Fortune Guide Service.
Aboard the Iowa Fortune The finest quality tackle is provided for you if needed. Scott fly rods out fitted with Bauer Fly Reels to give you the advantage with fast loading accurate casts, which are essential for targeting fish in the shallows. The New Scott S3s series from Scott and the Bauer M3,M4, and M5 reels (Tarpon and offshore fishing) are my favorites choices, a very light weightset up which will not tire you out when casting frequently through out the day. G. Loomis Spinning rods and Fin-Nor reels are used for my light tackle needs. The Gl3 Series from Loomis has great sensitivity and lightness combined with the smooth cork drag system of the Fin-Nor is a great set up for 6lb to 8lb test outfit that has more than enough backbone for even the largest Stripers.