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08/16/2022 A Case of the Flu will keep me off the water Layed up for the next couple of weeks which is not a bad thing with the water temperatures in the High 70's Low 80's. I will Resume my Reports ofetr the Laborday weekend. The Fall run is around the corner and dates are dissapearing weekely. I will be sending out my Fall mailer over the next week that will list all my available key time and tide dates through November. If anyone has any questions prior to that shoot me an email or give a call. Enjoy the Holiday weekend!
08/12/2022 Due to unforeseen circumstances I will I will be taking off the next few days. My next report will be on 8/16.

08/11/2022 Calm winds greeted us as we left the dock tonight. We caught the tail end of last light with no other boats on the water. We raised 2 fish almost immediately at our 1st stop, both striking the moment the lure hit the water making for a difficult hook set. As night time fell we could hear the tails slapping in the distance of Bass feeding on the most recent hatches. A short skiff ride to find some cooler faster moving water we were settled down in an area 8 degrees cooler than our previous spot. Six casts later and a 5 minute fight we had our first Bass of the evening to the boat a nice 34" 10 .lb brute. Again with tail slaps in the distance we made a move and as before 6 casts later we had our second Bass to the boat a 29" 7.5 .lB fish. This Bass we saw tailing about 10 feet from the boat and we managed to get a quick cast off at it and the deal was closed. See it catch it. With the current now almost non existent we called it a night. Water temperatures ranged tonight between 73-68.

08/09/2022 It was a very nice morning today with overcast conditions and moderate winds. Targeting the tide we left the dock a little later than normal and the water looked good. Running to our first spot of the day we decided to make a quick detour to location that has been working well as of late, and four casts later we decided that it was also working well today . We got into fish immediately and were able to stay in the action throughout the trip with with 11 Bass to the boat, and countless other strikes. Water temperatures 73-68.

08/04/2022-08/08/2022 Finally the air temps dropped dramatically and in turn so did the water temperatures triggering some spectacular top water action for both my Fly as well as light tackle anglers. As hurricane Alex passed off the coast we had good water pushing through out the back country as the ocean swelled and that big current push will always translate into great skinny water Striper action. Good sized tightly packed groups of Bass made their way into their usual shallow water haunts and with the cooler water they were willing to show themselves readily as they balled up huge schools of peanut bunker as they made their way across the flats. Most of the schools this week could be spotted as they pushed water/waking as they made their way over the thin water sections of the flats making it easy to pole the skiff in front of them offering good head on or ¼ angle shots as they would approach the boat Most Bass throughout the week jumped in size from the warm weeks prior with only a few smaller fish in the 22"-24" range but the bulk of our catches were between 31" and 33" with my Saturday and Sunday trips catching nothing under 10lbs and all were taken exclusively on top water both on the fly and 6lb light tackle gear. Water temperatures stabilized in the 70-75 degrees and with it being forecasted to remain unseasonably cool over the next week with another front to pass mid week and the new moon approaching I can only think that this week will be action packed surely making up for the past couple of weeks prior.

08/02/2022Today was really much the same as last week with a lot of warm water and loads of bait. The Bass are seem to still be spread out up on the shallows and slow on the take on the deeper flats only giving you 1 chance at the top water hook up and not willing to chase it if missed the first time around. The Bass this evening were willing to show them selves in some very skinny water early on our trip. Greeted at or first spot with a nice size single Bass pushing big wakes as it moved across the shallows, a great site to see but this time moving a bit to quick to get off a good shot. This was really the pace for the rest of the evening, getting a shot or two and raising Bass at most locations but unfortunately we were not able to get the skunk out today. Cooler weather and cooler water on the way and should come together by Friday.

07/22/2022 Refer to 7/21 trip and you'll have today's report.

07/21/2022 Water temperatures are still very high ranging between 79-83 degrees when we left the dock today. The action consistency trough out the back country picked up some since my Tuesday trip. We had action at all locations that we visited today both on light tackle spinning gear as well as on the fly, topwater and subsurface with most strikes once again commitment free in attitude. The Bass this evening would only give you one chance at the hook up especially on top waters. After raising a half dozen or so Bass and a very nice run off/break off , we did manage to wrangle 1 nice Bass to the boat tonight a nice specimen about 24". Water temperatures should cool off and stabilize with the passing of these low pressure systems over the next couple of days and we should be back on track with the approach of the full moon.

7/19/2022 Today was the first morning trip I have run in a while to go in search of laid up Bass that settled down during the night time hours. Often times, as was the case today, laid up morning bass can be big and plentiful and found in some very shallow waters. With slick calm conditions all morning seeing Bass tailing or waking was not difficult. Upon entry to our first area on the morning we were greeted with a great pod of Bass pushing across the flat as they corraled up schools of peanut bunker. Our second cast of the morning we raised our first bass and our next cast got the first to the boat a nice 23" Bass that just exploded on the topwater we presented. We pulled another 3 Bass from this school 3 @ 22"- 24" and 1 nice 31"10.lb fish all taken on topwater in about 16" of water. Throughout the remainder of the morning we continued to raise fish at all of our areas wrangling up 1 more Bass @22"to the boat before heading back to the dock. Water temperatures a stable 77.

7/10/2022 To make a long report short this evening was a carbon copy of yesterdays trip right down to the order that they were caught only today we completed the slam on the fly a true achievement on an achievement. Next report 7/14.

7/09/2022 Today dished up some great conditions offering us NW winds and cooler air temperatures and our first grand slam of the season. As we left the dock things looked great with fairly good moving clear water and virtually no other boats. Our first two areas offered us a couple of missed strikes but 3 was the charm today with our 3 stop of the trip putting us on the board with a weakfish and a flounder and numerous other short strike bite- offs right at the hook shank which always lets you know that the blues are in the vicinity. With the 2 fish to the boat we instantly switched into grand slam mode so when the window closed at location 3 off we went to complete the slam. We settled down at a spot that should give us our first Bass of the evening. Our 4 th cast in we raised a nice bass that followed the topwater plug back to boat before drifting off. Putting a cast right back into the hot zone we raised 3 others but could not get the hookup. So we made a quick skiff ride spot #4 and I knew that we would be closing the deal. A few cast in we raised another nice Bass whacking the plug all the way back to the boat before drifting off. We put a perfect cast back in the cove once again but this time our Bass took our offerings with full commitment, boated, photograhed and released we were instantly one fish away from the slam. We stayed in front of this tightly packed school of bass for 45 minutes raising countless fish as we took shots at then as they finned and waked up in 6"-8" inches of water on this small flat. We pulled and additional 3 more Bass out of the school all were cookie cutter sized fish about 20-22". Being only one fish away from slam completion we put our selves towards the front end of the school (up current) knowing that if the bluefish is going to be there that he would be leading the way and that he was as he blasted the top-water plug and ran straight at the boat on his first run and a few minutes later we had a nice 5.lb bluefish to complete the slam and which also marked the end of our trip. Water temps. very warm at a steady 78 degrees.

7/07/2022 Today we left the dock under the usual conditions with light winds and forecasted storms that never came and no other boats. As we skimmed over the shallows to our first destination the waters looked very good with nice seams, clear water and ultra low water which would put us in spots throughout the trip that would offer small windows of opportunity but often explosive. Timing is everything on the ebb in the skinny water and as we approached to settle down in area one we could see bass busting and as we made our way up on to the flat they were gone as fast as they came. Being a bit late for the window at that spot off we went to get set up at our second location to be assured that we would be set up and ready for when things opened up. As we settled down things looked right for the action to start and as we took a few casts in wait we could see the birds getting ready as well.. About 15 minutes passed and right on time a mini blitz popped up behind the boat but went down as fast as they came up only offering us a couple cast. A few minutes passed and up they came again but thicker and longer and seemed to be a combination of Bass and blue and getting into position we got off several good cast before the would go down again and from that we got two hookups both Bluefish in the 3lb range one taken on top and the other on sinking line. The window was short but active but we could not get the fly through the blues to get to the Bass that in combination of the unpredictability of the schools made it hard to get in front of them as they crossed the flat. Off we went to our next window that produced the same results but this time we had a few bumps and two break-offs 1 Bass that came right at upon the hook set before taking the fly and the other which seemed to be a sizable bluefish pops the fly off instantly and this would end our trip for the day. Water temperatures are high ranging between 73 and 78.

7/05/2022 With high expectations coming off my last trip I hoped to have a repeat performance but that was not going to be the case this evening. Stiff SW wind when we departed our first couple of locations dished up a couple of quick bumps which were very non -committal to say the least. As our shadows got long the winds dropped off and it seemed that things were ready to start up raising 2 bass that were laid up in wait. Then one more perfectly placed cast and we had our first hook up of the evening a smaller schoolie size Bass about 20". Quickly released we got back in to the pocket hoping to keep things rolling and a few minutes later we saw a nice Bass rise and quickly put a cast in on it which blew up on our topwater 3 casts in a row but the 4th cast was the charm as we them had our 2nd bass of the evening boat side. This Fish was a cookie cutter size of the last one and definitely not the one that we raised on prior casts, so back we went in for a few more shots and raised one more nice Bass but we could not keep him buttoned up and spitting our hook as things seemed to be shutting down as the winds began to be on the increase. We managed one other brief hook up during the remainder of our trip but the short strike was once again our nemesis. Water temperatures warmed up ranging between 78 - 64. temperatures throughout the back country have jumped into the low 80's over the past day making the Bass spread out and very lethargic. We had a little action at all locations but nothing to the boat and the Bass we did see school up only came up for a brief moment not allowing us enough time to get in front of them for a good shot. We had to cut our trip short this evening by an hour.

7/01/2022 I love these kind of trips that I had today with long time clients/friends on the boat, forecasted for 20knt winds, severe thunderstorm warnings and over cast skies. What does this translate in to you ask? No boats, no jet skis, calm winds and no storms and a great time. As was the day prior we raised two Bass at our first spot both seemed sizable by the amount of water thrown in the air as they smashed the plug moving across the surface. As I do all my trips if there is a spot that looks good along our travels a quick hit opportunity is never passed up but today's spot held a bit too much water due to the upcoming full moon that was just a day away, so off we went to a spot that would be the place to be when the tide would turn. Watching the storms pass in the distance both to the north and the south of us we sat in a pocket of beautiful weather, slick calm waters, no wind, a rising moon so beautiful it could not be painted any better even by the most famous artist, and big busting Bass. We had explosive topwater action for about an hour both on the fly and on light tackle spinning gear getting 4 Bass to the boat, 3 break offs and a half dozen or so + raised fish as big groups of Bass pushed water in the pockets in pursuit of the newly hatched bait. As our window closed at our current location we were off and running to to set up station in a very tight area that would let the fish come to us. Quiet upon arrival we relaxed a few minutes and listened as off in the distance you could hear the tail slaps as they made their way across the flat to their final destination that would be, you guest it, right where we were sitting. We must have raised 10 Bass at least before getting the one that would stay tight on the line offering a great fight when hooked in these skinny waters and this Bass would be the first of the 3 that we would get to the boat at this spot with the biggest coming in at 30" (8/9lbs.). We ended or trip at this area as the tide would run out on us. Water temperature ranged from 55- 73.

6/30/2022Today despite the un-forcasted stiff winds the waters still remained manageable for my fly angler today. Rolling up on our first flat of our 4 hour rip we could see that all the signs pointed to a fertile stretch of skinny water. As I poled down the flat we had good moving water with well defined seams. We raised 2 sizable Bass here but could not keep them tight with both dropping the fly. Knowing we would revisit the flat later we ran to fish some more protected waters in pursuit of finding laid up Bass. We rolled into a beautiful pocket of water that offered slick calm conditions. As the topwater fly made its way across the surface you could feel the anticipation on the increase as you could feel that any moment a bass would blowup and grab the fly and a few casts later became reality. We raised 3 Bass before finally getting one that would stay tight getting the skunk out of the boat, a nice schoolie Bass in the 22' range. We raised 2 additional Bass before things cooled off and a move in the works. We did a couple of hit and run locations as we traveled to our next location all of which looked great but held no fish. As we settled down at our flat to throw the fly at a couple bedding spots we got but just two casts in on the bed and we had our 2nd Bass of the trip that just exploded on the fly and sped off the flat on a great first run. The 24" Bass was photographed and released and off we went to our final destination as our trip was coming to a close. As we silently made our way in to get into position we could see Bass raising in the distance. We raised two additional Bass on top-water but had no more photo opportunities and back to the dock we went. Water temps. 58 - 73 degrees.

6/27/2022 It still all about water temperature right now, find the cool water find the Bass. We had temperatures ranging from 60 to 70 degrees, a 10 degree swing that could be as little a 100 yards apart. We had good shots at tailing, finning and rolling fish through out our trip but they still remain very selective. With the higher water the bass were more spread out than days past and seem to be traveling in smaller schools of 2 to 3 fish. We had 3 Bass to the boat today along with 6 or so other nice hook ups but could not close the deal. Looking good for the full moon approach.

6/24/2022 A late notice cancellation kept me off the water today and also gives me an open boat for Friday. Winds have lightened and are predicted to remain reasonable, so all is looking good as we approach the full moon next week. Water temperatures 60-65 degrees.

6/22/2022 If it wasn't today I'd swear that it was yesterday. Heavy winds out of the south and under a severe thunderstorm watch delayed our departure. After a half hour or so we slipped out as the winds dropped off with the passing of the storms leaving us with threatening skies and no other boats. Not knowing our how long our weather window would last we did hit and runs to cover water searching for laid up Bass. Coming up dry at our first two spots we broke the streak at our third with 2 nice Bass (28"and 31") and raised 3 others all on the fly/topwater. Just as things began to happen the storms cells once again incoming we diced to head back to the dock which turned out to be good timing as the skies began to open just as we got back. I am in the process of taking still images off of the video footage of last weeks mini blitz' and should have them posted by Tuesday.

6/21/2022 We left the dock this afternoon in a unforcasted 15-20 knt. wind that made things tough for us right from the start. Our first couple of areas had good moving water and looked promising but the bass seemed to think other wise with no action at either location. We made a short run to an area that has been holding most of the cooler water as of late plus would us offer some wind protection and has been very active the past few weeks. We made our way on to the flat and once again it to looked very promising. We saw 3 or so Bass in he 30 minutes we spent there but even though they came to the top for bait we ran the gambit but could not get them to take any of our offerings. With the winds becoming increasingly stronger and gusting we decided to call it day early and head on back to the dock. Water temperatures stabilized a bit and ranged between 71-65.

6/18/2022 I should have called the fire department because the backcountry was on fire today. Leaving the dock the waters looked great with good moving water, big temperature swings and no other boats on the water due to the daily storms in the surrounding area. Coming up with only a few bumps at our first location we made a move to find a cooler patch of water that will in turn be holding the Bass. Settling down for a quick "hit and run", while in route, gave us our first bass of the trip. This six "cast location" dished up a 22" schoolie on top water that got the skunk out of the boat and the ball rolling Photographed, released and off we went to one of my favorite flats. Settling down on the edge I poled us across the hard sand flat in to position and with only a few casts in we raised a big bass that was laid up in a small pocket. Working our way down the flat to our final "stake out" destination we raised 2 more Bass and boated 2 others both in the 23" range. As we approached our final position to set up for shots at Bass as they approached I could already see nice groups of fish waking and fining in the shallowest part of the flat. This was just the beginning of a 2 1/2 hour Striper party that provided truly non stop action offering up a minimum of 11 Bass to the boat and countless amounts of fished raised. Most Bass ranged in size from 26" to our largest of the trip which at 32" 10lbs gave us a great fight as he sped across the flat after crushing the top- water plug. I did just so happen to have captured about 30 minutes of video footage which I will post some still photos from later next week that will include Bass attacking so aggressively on top-water that they would launch themselves completely out of the water on the take. Needless to say very entertaining and exciting.

6/17/2022 Today our trip was postponed. With severe storm warnings posted and the claps of thunder in the distance a tough call especially knowing that things are blowing up as I type this report. Next post 6/18

6/14/2022 Today was litterally a carbon copy of my last trip...sourrounded by heavy ran and storms, no other boats, only this time the Electrical part of the storms stayed off to our West, South and North. a stead pick of Bass, no boats and good times. 10 Bass for the day with others lost, and one break off. water temps are still hanging in the mid 60's.

6/12/2022 Today's mission was the thread the needle with incoming weather . Lightning in the distance, Light w winds and semi slick water greeted us as we pushed off from the dock. We stared at one of my favorite old spots that usually produce layed up bass at the right time of the tide and today was no different. We had bass moving on bait as they swept by. It only took a couple cast before we had the 1st bass to the boat. Surrounded by lightning and torrential rain our window was quickly shrinking before having to take shelter under a bridge until the lightning subsided. Working it until the last minute we sucked it up and made heroing and memorable ride to shelter which we stayed until the lighting stopped. Once Lightning stopped we went back on the rainy day hunt we which we had a steady pick of bass through put the remainder of our trip both on topwater as well as subsurface presentations. All morning we saw only one other boat Courages or maybe crazy enough to venture out and fish the storms, Kudos to them!. In total we had about 8 Bass ranging in size from 20-24, raised a few other larger bass and had one other break off. The weather stayed torrential raining only without the lightning. Water Temps dropped into the low 60s.

6/05/2022- 6/09/2022 Posting a a weekly review is something that I will rarely do but things where tight this week and was not able to post daily. So with that in mind... We had great action again all week which turned out to be a carbon copy as the week prior. Throughout the week we still had big water temperature ranges between 73 and 61 and the Bass were on the move in the cooler water and not at all in the warmer as is always the case especially in the spring. Each day last week we had a good Bass action with groups of fish tracking predictably as they pined bait up in the skinny water. Depth was not a concern for the bass or my skiff as we got in front of fish in as little as 8" and nowhere to hide. Last Friday was the best day of the week when the storms past by it left us with calm winds, cloudy skies, no boats and. The bass all seemed to range in size from 20"-28" all taken on top water flies and lures and again this week got onto them tailing up in the grass foraging on smaller bait always a sight to see. Bluefish in the 3-6. LB range are still on the prowl willing to take artificial or fly worked just below the surface or on top. It looks like the stage is set for good action upcoming with good tides for both day and night sessions that in combination with the approach of the moon things should remain active

6/03/2022 Well it felt great to get back on the water today with a fresh eyes and attitude. Summertime pattern in full effect as we rolled out in the dark we has Light N winds and slick conditions but very slow moving water. We rolled in to our first area of the day with even keel emotions as the water was hard to read and so we didnt know what to expect. I took a bit of staking out before we started to get some action when we raised a few Bass with no hook-ups. They were giving us one shot and not coming back. Despite having consistant action throughout the entire day picking up about 8 Bass we must of raised 10 others and counltless non committal followers. Mixed in throughout the trip were some nice bigger bass that just would lurch up in an attempt to grab the surface lure and miss, not to come back again. We also has a nice hook up with a laid up bass on a real shallow flat the was a great visual strike but as he spead off the flat like a Bonefish he broke us off, but very exciting none the less. Water temps are still high 69-71. Enjoy the weekend.

5/25/2022 - 5/27/22 Well super warm water and SW winds have been really making things tough despite hitting the low light into night conditions. I will be off the water for the Memorial day weekend through June 2. My next update will be 6/3. Enjoy the weekend!

5/23/2022 Today we slipped out late with very fishy "calm before the storm" conditions ,cloudy skies, calm winds and good moving water. It looked as if we had about 2 hour window of opportunity and fortunately we got into bass early on or trip with hooking up with 2 nice Bass with in our first dozen casts. A few casts and a couple of followers later we had another good Bass to the boat. Things cooled off as the winds picked up so we made a short run to in hopes of a few more shots before the weather moved in. On our approach we could see Bass moving in the shallows, we quietly poled in and 1st cast in we had our 4th Bass of the trip a " speedster that wasted no time heading for deeper water when hooked. Unfortunately when we hooked him he sent the other Bass fleeing from the flat which often occurs when in the skinnys. Photographed and released we decided to call it and early evening with the weather starting to deteriorate. Not bad 2 hours 4 Bass and no other boats.

5/21/2022 Well back to super warm water and SW winds and that vast wastland feel despit hitting the low light into night conditions. Cooler air and overnight temps are forcasted which should put things back in check for more predictable conditions.

5/20/2022 Well the transition from 12 hours ago was remarkable. The pegelum swung from yesterdays vast wasteland with no activity to a bay filled with wildlife and activity. We rolled out in dark slick calm conditions great moving water and it just looked like one of those fall mornings that you knew was going to be epic but after being scarred from yesterday we just didnt know what to think. The hardest part of these type of mornings is that expectations are mixed coming off a hard trip. We rolled into our 1st spot of the day and started raising fish from our 2nd cast if the day to the last cast of the day. We had the 1st Taylor blues of the seson show up to our backside which looked to be about 2.lb range, and to our front side the Bass were lined up waiting for bait to flow by. This was the pattern for the next 4 hrs. First spot We raised 7 bass caught 4. We continued that pace for the rest of the trip, getting on bass in all senerios, laid up, stemming currents along the flats, cruising and waking as the moved across the Shallows. All of our bass today where on top water for the exception for 3 from one spot we picked them on subsurface presentation. In total doe the day we raised approx. 15 Bass caught 10, saw another half dozen that where just cruising. All ranged in size from 18 - 23" with a couple raised in the 24+ class.

5/19/2022 Well today was the day the daytime bite came to a close. The warm weather over the past couple days has shot the water Temps into the mid to high 60s, that's a 10 degree jump in 4 days which will change the matrix and put me into the summer pattern until we get into Fall. Despite having good looking water the water Temps and SW winds could not be conquered. We only had 3 grabs for the trip and unfortunately converted none of them, it was rough but my long time client was a real trooper and never gave up the entire trip. So no more high sun day trips, my summer dates will now revolve around night trips, pre-dawn through sunrise and sunset to dark

5/17/2022 The weather today was a carbon copy of the past few days raising the water temps to 58-68 degrees. The current was pushing much better today than the past couple days and showed in the action. We did the" run and gun" most of the day hitting some action almost every location we visited. We had for the day (4hrs) 17 Bluefish to 5lbs. and 2 Bass 1@ 29"and 1@ 33" all taken on the fly. Things should be on the increase as we approach the new moon next week this in combination with goods tides and a forecasted wind direction change the bait should be plentiful and the Bass should be right on their heels

5/16/2022 80 degrees and a S wind at 10 knts started our afternoon off. Greeted at our first location with some active birds we settled down into position and after handful of casts and a couple strikes later we hooked up with our first Bass of the day a schoolie about 20""on 6lb light tackle. We repositioned once again and had a couple short strikes but as the current slowed the action went with it. With the wind shifting to the SW and on the increase conditions just became increasingly challenging. Any one who fishes with me knows my feelings about SW winds at any speed is often the shut down trigger for the shallows as was the case again today.

5/13/2022 Blowing 30+ kits for the last 7 days straight, non stop rain and fog, huge flood tides, and Friday the 13th......what could possibly go wrong. Today really had the productive look despite the winds blowing 15 20. The fist area was really the only spot that held bass today. We had raised 9 Bass on topwater and despite being tight on all of them every one came unbuttoned after a short tussle. It was Friday the 13th "rubber hook"day. The rest of the trip only dished out a handfull of followers on surface presentations, I am hoping the daytime bite sticks around another couple weeks but the window is shrinking as the Temps are predicted to clime in to the 90's over the weekend.

5/06/2022 These are the days I love the most, one of those short notice small weather window trips. All the ingrediants for success, Dropping barometric pressure incoming nor eatster and fishing the calm before the storm. Little to no wind offered us slick calm conditions great water Temps in the mid 50s. Only problem was that there was very little moving. We are in the Low/High and Low/ Low tide phase so finding the current was the challange but would be the recipe for success. Despite dedicating an hour of throwing top water it went unrewarded, though we did have a few shots at some waking bass on the flats and some decent size bank cruisers. Once we threw the towel in on topwater it was game on. At most spots we had good grouped up schools of bass that we could slowly move with as the worked towards the flats. We had for the day 9 Bass in total landed, 3 others that just came in buttoned and countless strikes that just could not be converted. All bass ranged in size between 20-23" and very thick and healthy. This nor Easter will be moving in late today and will stay with us through the weekendand the winds are predicted to continue to blow 30+ through Tuesday of next week. I won't be back on the water again until my Thursday trip unless nthings change before then. Water temps still steady at 57. Have a great weekend and stay dry.

5/04/2022Today was yesterday all over again only the winds started picking up early but fortunately we managed to get our trip in before the rains and winds cranked up. We had solid action through out all spots but as soon the the winds switched to come from the SW that was the light switch that shut down the action. The action is really becoming steady if we could contropl the weather that would be even better. I will be off the water until the next front passes Friday.

5/03/2022Today offered another short weather window with light winds and good water conditions. We started out on topwater today to try and get our 1st surface bass action of the season and no sooner that we pulled up on or 1st flat if the day, it took 3 cast before we had a great 22" bass crash the topwater offering. A Great way to Start the Topwater Season. We continued to work the surface for about another hour and we only manged 2 other bass on top before we lost our tide. With No water moving we switched over to shallow water subsurface methods which continued to provide us with action for the rest of the time we had. We had 7 Bass in total landed with countless other missed Strikes. All Bass were consistent in size about 20-22" class. Water temps a steady 55 degrees.

4/26/2022-5/01/2022 Greetings, well it feels great to be back on the water again. This week was one of those long awaited ones, offering a couple of bluebird spring days with light winds clear skies and mid 60's air temps. With the NW winds the water cleaned up pretty well and water temps back into the low to mid 50'5. Each day started off a little slow with good looking, fairly clear water in most areas. A lot of short skiff rides to search out some moving water put us on Bass at most of my favorite spring spots. Most days, would produce Bass in the 20" range with an occasional 24"-28" specimen making an appearance. When things would cool off we would make a run to our next destination and repeat the process with the same results.. I'm starting to see more laid up bass in some of my favorite skinny water potholes which is a great sign of things to come. Looking forward this week and what it has to offer. Amazingly enough we have seen no sign of bluefish terrorizing the back country but I'm sure they will be full force soon as the smaller bait is starting to show up. catch up with y'all again next week.

4/09/2022-4/19/2022 The weather has just been a roller coaster so far this spring and this past week was no different. The water temperatures shot up 10 degrees over the past 2 days reaching 61, and that jump certainly changed the pattern we have had for the past few weeks. With the constant winds, the week was all or none for finding bass, the bass were either there and thick at each spot or it was a vast wasteland of nothingness. We would find good moving water and get on some decent fish with one spot producing 9 Bass in 9 casts, literally one after another ranging in size from 18"-22", then run to another spot that should produce the same results but would produce nothing, but thats Spring for you. I would expect that the water temps will come back down and settle into the mid 50's which is the norm for this time of the season which in turn put the bass and bait in a more predictable pattern. Still no topwater action yet but that action is certainly due to start any time now. I will be away next week spending time and traveling with my kids while they are on Spring break. I will be back on the water starting the week of the 25th.

4/02/2022-4/08/2022 I have to say this last week pleasantly surprised me. We had a few days that offered several hour weather windows for shooting thye weather the gap. Each day I slipped out produced very good results. Despite not seeing any bait anywhere the Bass were schooled up and very predictable on their movements through out the tide. Spring is freestyle fishing at its finest, hitting spots that feel and look good and thats just what we did today. We rolled out late with very little water moving despite the spring tides.. we are on High low and low high tide pattern so finding the moving water was the ticket. We managed to stay infront of the tide on both the falling low and low to incoming with steady results. For the total each day we had 8 Bass to the boat ranging in size from 20"-24", Lost about 8 others that just came unbuttoned and countless short strikes throughout the days. Water temps are 49 with poor clarity. The winds are forecasted to come up for the weekend but will be back on the water early next week. Enjoy the weekend.

3/20/2022-4/01/2022 Well the past couple of weeks of weather has not been good on letting me get out. Between rains and winds I have only had a couple of chances to poke out. The Bass are still a steady single fish per spot pick, the winds have moved the bunker around and out of the bay as far as I can tell. Most bass are still in the 18-22" range and seem to have no schooled up patterns. The weather pattern looks to start becoming more favorable. I have good expectations for the weeks ahead, water temps are ranging between 47-49 Degrees.

3/16/2022-3/18/2022 I have to say it was great getting back on the water again. I fished the past 3 days, nice weather mid 50's-low 60's, water is super clear with about 4 foot visability. All 3 days I picked a few Bass each day ranging in size from 20"-25", very scrappy fighters. These sessions were run and gun sessions, not staying in one spot for more than 20-30minutes. In average I had about 1 Bass per 3 spots. Water temps ranged between 45-48 degrees, so we are getting ther. I would expect that the next week should have the temps in the low to mid 50-s which will really get things moving along. There are Large pods of BIG bunker roaming the back which should have the Bass and those Springtime Blues on their heels in the very near futer. With Wind and Weather called for the weekend I will be off the water until Monday. Catch up with you all soon.

3/13/2022 Hey Folks I hope you all had a Good Winter. It was certainly cold and long down here. So the skiff is going in early this season, I just got it back from getting the Tilt/Trim repaired so all is back to 100% on the Maverick. I'll be takeing the next couple of days to prep the boat and hope to splash it this week with hopefully new reports starting the following week. I will take the next few weeks of March to do some pre-season scouting and fishing. I will continue to update weekly with reports. I expect that the spring will rev up quickly with the incoming warm weather and calm conditions. Remember if you want to be added to the mailing list shoot me an email click here. Also remember my NEW LOCATION is in at the old GIFFORD MARINA Northfield NJ Located on the Margate Causway (124 Margate Blvd. Northfield NJ 08225).


2/28/2021 Hey Folks I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I will be doing some updates on the site in the beginning of 2022. I will be posting some of the photos from this last season 2021 along with working on my email updates. Remember if you want to be added to the mailing list shoot me an email click here. My 2022 Season will start around April 15th. Have a Safe and Happy New Year.

12/02/2021 Well 2 weeks or so ago when My tilt and trim on the engine broke and replacement parts are back ordered, I thought I could still finish up the season with out it, unfortunately that has proven to be a real problem. I though that I could manage to get 2 more weeks out of the season only fishing the Deeper Flats but it is not panning out that way. So those who where slotted for the late season push will be rescheduled until next season. No tilt and trim has ruled out all short cuts across the skinny water to get to deeper pockets was ruled out, fishing the skinny flats and drop moffs and not to mention access to the secret spots that only a few folks have seen. Its painful to think that the season is done for me but there is always next year. The boat will be repaired in febuary so it will be ready for the early Spring run of 2022. I wish evryone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It was great see you all again and see you in 22!!!

11/28/2021 Blue bird day air temps very cold and water temps came up to 45 degerees the plan today was to run and gun our way around the back coubtry. Being a stubborn capt. we thought bwe would press our luck and and try topwater and after 2 stops our 3rd stop which looked the ugliest of the stops gave us one shot at hooking up when a 36"+ Beast of a Bass crashed the plug with reckless abandond, I mean he threw water 4 feet in the air when he hit. Needless to say we were caight off guard on the strike and felt him on the line for about 5 seconds as he peeled off line before coming unhooked. it was painfully exciting to say the least but that would be our only topwater strick for the day. In fact it was the only bass we had until our last stop of the trip when we haqd a nother lunker hooked up on a piece of structure who ran up stream against very heavy current and spit the hook boat side leaving us with only a huge boil in the waters surface as he swam away.

11/27/2021 Back out early today and you could tell right out of the gate that things were different than the days prior. We have had 20-30 knt winds for 4 days and it has had an effect. 1st off I was shocked to see that the water temps dropped to 40 degrees, which meant bait was going to be non existent. Water clarity was horrible and the predicted calm winds were certainly not calm, blowing WSW a steady 15. We started out throwing top water which we knew would probably not pan out with the lack of bait. Nothing to show for the effort we decided to make a hit and run at on a transiate spot. addicted to top water we thouight we would see if there was one Bass that was dumb enough to still want top water presentation and to our surprise there was in fact one, one only. Good size Bass about 31" sipped the topwter and we had him for about 3 minutes and a couple of good runs before he spit the hook on us and that would end topwater for the day. Today contued to be a struggle with the winds and temps but we did manage to pick up 1 Bass per Spot for the rest of the day. All ranged in the 28" size and VERY fat and fiesty. Days are going to start to get thin and not sure how the sharp temperature drop will effectthe reast of the season. My next report will be on 11/28

11/23/2021 Water temps are continueing to swing wildly ranging from 52-47, water clarity low, calm winds and the good fishing continues. Todays trip Mimicked the past couple with a mix of topwater and sub surface bites. With windy conditions and Thanksgiving coming up I will be off the water until 11/27. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

11/20/2021 Back out again today post wind, water temps dropped overnight to 49 water clarity on the flats was random either crystal clear or silty. We started out throwing top water again today for about 45 minutes with good looking water and no results. As we approach the end of the flat when you least expect it it we had a great 32" bass crash the topwater and it was game on. Photo and released we continued to stay on this pod for 2 bore bass in the 26" range with other bass raised but not landed. Little did we know that that would end the topwater bite but continued the action subsurface for the remainder of the day finding pods of bass laid up. Fro the day we had 15 Bass, all fat Ranging in size from 24-32" with a couple larger Bass lost.

11/19/2021 Today we threaded the needle on a weather window between post heavy rain with calm winds and the incoming wind. This is one of my favorite types of fishing and today was no short of expectations. We got on to Bass right off the start today picking up 2 nice size Bass on topwater on the hard flats. The bass were fully committed and agressive on the take...very exciting. With limited time on the weather we continued to run and gun with continued results of a couple of bass per spot on topwater. As long as we found good current we were on the bass. Winds came up and we headed in. For the trip we had 10 Bass 8 on Topwater and 2 Sub surface. Water was very clear on the flats. Water temps still hanging at 51.

11/18/2021 Boats back in the water. Tilt/Trim still not working but I did find the problem but cant get parts in for a couple weeks. So no Trimming for the rest of the season which will only rule out my shallow water shortcuts from spot to spot. Good Weather and tides coming up, my next report will be on 11/19.

11/14/2021 Today was a reality dose of winter today, air temps 29 when we pushed off fron the dock today, water temps dropped down to 49. Slick Calm conditions, great sunrise and uncooperative Top water bite. We had good looking water at our first couple of stops of the day but no action, along with no bait in that area. After throwing top water we dicided to chang up the recipe and start going with the low and slow subsurce presentation which cracked th code and we started picking up random Bass. We averaged 2 Bass per spot before the area would stop producing. We wrangeled up abot 6 Fish today ranging in size from 22-24". Water temps never got above 50. My Tilt/Trim Motor stopped working late in the trip today so that combined with another front coming through over the next 2 days I am going to quit pull the boat and figure out what the problem is.

11/11/2021 We had to get on it fast to take advantage of the light winds and the last of the good tide. Todays kind of trip is always one of my favorite.. hunting for layed up Bass in the shallows. I am still going with "the best plan is no plan" . Our 1st stop of the day we had a good school of bass layed up in a nice basin, they were very comfortable and willing to take top water presentations. We pick up 5 Bass and missed about the same amount that either came unbuttoned or missed the lure entirely on the strike. We did also have several Large lurkers that would fnot committ but would track the fly and or lure a good 20feet before turning off. Once the basin cooled off we made a quick run to a hidden spot that would continue the action but on a subsurcae presentatio. We settled down and got set up and withing a few minutes we were on the bite gain picking up another 10 or so bass. we stayed on these fish for about an hour before they moved on. The winds popped up blowing 15-20 from the SW and that was enough to shut the bite down for the day. Bass ranged between 19"-28" water temps 51.

11/7/2021 The weather is forcasted to blow SSW 15-25 over the next couple days, this will keep me off the water. Next Report will be on 11/11

11/6/2021 Today was the 1 week delayed Halloween Havoc Trip. we had Huge new moon High tide today partly, cloudy skies, high temps in the upper 40's and a casual departure. When we pushed off from the dock today the tide was running the fastes I have ever seen it was draining out of the bay like someone pulled the drain stopper out. Always being on the hunt for current today that was not going to be a problem. With a Stiff NE wind at 15knts the stragety today no stragety and just go with the flow which turned out to be a great plan. witha couple of spontaneouse short cuts to avoid rough water we found ourselves in a calm oasis that didnt comply with the surounding weather. we had sunny condition, Clear water, the perfect amount of moving water and Pods of Bass laid up waiting for our topwater offereings to swim by their nose. We managed to stay on these Bass for about an hour picking up 4 on Topwater and missed atleast 5 others that just displaced the lure when crashing the surface trying to take our offreings. Every bite really offered a spectacular visual making it very exciting as the chased the lure towards the skiff. When that area calmed down we where forced to move on out of our Tropical Oasis and make a run into the real world of weather which was now NNE 15+ and Dirty water but still had the good current. we managed two more Bass on the run and gun but with the temps dropping and the winds increasing we ran to one of my secret structure areas for a little protection and it reallyt payed off. a few of skiff adjustments to compinsate for the wind and current it was game on for the next hour+ as we had a consistent plucking of bass landing 7 others and probably missed a dozen or so grabs. For the day we had 12 Bass ranging in size from 18"-30" Very Fat and Very Healthy ocean fish. water temps steady at 52-55. Let the good times Roll.

11/4/2021 The great fishing continues as I continue to stay on these groups of Bass as they Travel through out the Back Country. The recipe continues to be find the bait, find the bass, No bait No bass. Despite the winds blowing 15 knts + we got on them fast today picking up 4 Bass at our first stop of the day, very fiesty and commited bite. Lost 3 others before th area quited down. We made a quick run for a little wind pretection wich resulted in good action much like the spot prior but hard to get through the recenly release bottom seaweed. if you could get through it you would get a Bass if not, no go. Another quick run to where had good Bass the day prior proved to be a good move giving us steady action with good size bass. We had 8 Bass to the boat today with about the same amount missed all ranging in size from 20-26" and Very Fat. Water temps 50 degrees with good water clarity.

11/3/2021 The trip today could not have started out more beautiful with Colder Conditions water temps 55, slick calm conditions and amazing sunrise and Schools of Bass cruising the flats corralling large pods of Peanut Bunker. The Bass where tracking very well and willing to eat. all the first couple of spots today had us taking Bass on topwater, very agressive. we had 4 Bass to the boat with atleast another 4+ of Followers and others that just missed the Fly when they came up. These bass ranged in size from 18-23". We continued to stay infron of fish all day switching to a subsurface presentaion when the winds swithched to SW 15knts. Our last stop of the day really and some good size Bass holding in some deeper water. we had 2 Big fish Break off trying to pull the away for structure and did manage to rustle up and land a nice 33" Bruiser to end the trip. Cold temps are predicted for the next week which will keep the water temps in the sweet spot of 50-55 degrees.

10/31/2021 Today would have normally been my Halloween Havoc trip but with the unusually warm weather the Striper run has put us a week or 2 behind schedule. Today was a Consistant Pick of Bass ranging in size from 18-20", we Averaged about 2 Bass per Spot with Countless Missed hits and Bass that just came unbuttonned. 1/2 picked up on Topwater the other 1/2 on subsurface presentations. Water temperatures are still warm in the lower 60's.

10/29/2021 The wind is coming in again predicted to blow 25-35+ for the next couple of days which will keep me off the water until the weekend.

10/28/2021 Light winds early, calm water, with another Noreaster style storm approaching, overcast skies...... I have been keeping an eye on huge pods of bait for the last three weeks or so waiting for the temps to drop and begin them moving and today was the day. Water temps dropped into the high 50's and the bait was on the move. let the party begin. This by invitation only private party began today for us at our first stop of the day. 10 minutes of observation at our first Flat and 1 sipping Bass led to a 2 hour session of nonstop top water action. We saw it all at this spot it went from sipping Bass here and there, to motionless pods of Bass laid up in wait, to waking Bass, which turned into a massive school of tarpon like rolling schools and then.....you got it......a full blown feeding frenzy. All Bass where caught on surface and being conservative we had 17 Bass to the boat, raised probably another 20 at least and another 10 or so that just came unbuttoned. Every Bass was very healthy ranging in size from 23" - 31", and one hog which that straightened the split ring open and took the hook right off the plug. It looks like things are full steam ahead.

10/25/2021-10/27/2021 A 20-30 knt blow is coming in over the next few days. this will keep me off the water. next report will be on 10/28.

10/24/2021 Offshore winds 15-25 was the challenge for the day but the good news was that the sun was shining, air was warmer and the winds looked as if they would drop off by late afternoon. Even though our first area we came up dry area #2 proved to be just the opposite. We stayed on top Bass for for nearly 3 hours never traveling no more that 50 ft' in either direction. Spot #2 gave up 9 Bass and countless strikes and drops and all where taken on the fly. As the winds started to subside we decided to commit our last hour to sight fishing and top water and leave fish to find fish. As we approached our last spot of the day I briefly saw several Bass come up and sip on the surface, so we settled down and worked slowly on to the flat. The winds stopped, the water became like glass, and the Bass came to the surface instantly and with in 5 minutes we had tailing, sipping, fining and waking Bass surrounding us, the magic was about to begin. Top water only we had 3 more Bass to the boat and raised 5 additional Bass. For the day we had 12 Bass to the boat all between 21"-29".

10/23/2021 Today we ventured out for a mid-day hit and run with good results. Our 1st couple of flats looked good but produced nothing. low current speed and no bait was not going to result in success so we made a move in search of some good flowing water and when we founf it the Bass where there we raised 2 right off to start the new area and continued to raise them for about 40 minutes but could not convert. For some reason these bass would not stay on the hook, but the action did provide some very exciting topwater visuals. We adjusted our game plan and went subsurface to see if we would have a better conversion rate, which it did just that. we manage to go 5 for 6 on Bass to the boat, all ranged between 22-24". We did lose a bruiser that was on a mission for structure and he was successful in that mission after peel drag off non stop before breaking us off on a submerged piling. water temps are still hanging in the 61 degree range.

10/22/2021 Did a little traveling today and broke out into some new territory today, good moving water with good results picking up 7 Bass between 22-28" all on topwater. Had shots at several other pods cruising the shallows but all where VERY skittish. Small bues are still terrorizing the flats. Calming NW winds over the next few days combined cold overnight temperatures should put us right back on track whacking Bass on top.

10/21/2021 Wind was "The Bad" part of the equation was dealt with today. 15-25knts was the norm and made for tough sledding through out the trip but our persistence was the key to our success. We pretty much did not have a look all morning in any of the areas that held Bass the past week. Covering a good amount of water today we finally got onto Bass for our last hour of the trip. We managed to stay with this school for about 45 minutes and gave up 6 Bass between 20" - 23" a few other misses and 1 Blue fish about 3 .lbs.

10/19/2021 Staring into the eyes of "The Ugly" today, we slipped out to hit the weather window today before the big blow that was due to arrive late morning. Though the window did offer the unforcasted calm winds we did have a pretty heavy consistent rains that contributed to a tough day on the water. On the upside the air temps where warm and we did raise 5 quality size Bass on top water looking to be in the 30"+ category but unlike the days prior these Bass where "one timers" and not willing to come repeatedly after the plug. But we did shake the skunk with a small Bluefish.

10/17/2021 With a low pressure system bearing down on us we slipped out out to try and get the weather window. The wind had just enough east in the 15-20 knot wind to keep it fishable. The winds did make the Bass a bit more tough today ruling out a fair amount of the open water flats, but we still did well finding fish on the "run and gun ". We had 6 Bass today up to 22" raised 3 others on top water and 1 lone Bluefish @ 3.lbs.

10/16/2021 More Bass...........and the season is just starting...........

10/15/2021 The Top water bite continues to be hot with Bass from 28"-33"+

10/13/2021 School is now in session................

10/03/2021-10/09/21 Back in the saddle again with a group of days on the water with light north winds, slick calm water and a whole lotta fishy looking areas. Even though we where light in catch totals for the past few days the quality of the experience prevailed . We averaged 3-6 Bass to the boat between 20"-24" (raised countless others) and had Bluefish @ about 3.lbs. We had shots at a lot of bass tailing, waking and tail slapping bait along the flats edges. All the bass have been taken on top water in water as shallow as 8" of water.

10/01/2021The winds will be keeping me on land over the next 2 days. Will update when the blow is over.

09/30/2021 Another beautiful Indian day on the water. Light winds gave us a cool and productive evening starting with some good size mini blitz's. Mixed in with the bass where some 3lb "blue dogs" also offering up some fun both willing to take both plugs and bucktails alike. As the tide rose we managed to get in front of some smaller schools of bass balling up bait on the deeper flats but with the water tempers still in the low 70's/high 60's the bass were often very skittish and would not allow us to get closer that 20' or so, unless their on the blitz.

09/27/2021 Today was very similar to yesterday only with WNW winds 10-15 knts. Again there was a lot of activity with Bluefish blitzes popping up as the cut through the schools of peanut bunker. air temps still cool as forcasted to drop throuout next week which should get the water temps into the 60's. Winds are to blow 20-25 tomorrow, that combined with the weekend worriors I will be off the water until Monday. have a great weekend.

09/26/2021 With the Weather passing by the cooler air temps have moved in. Wi had light winds today, good moving water. Water temps didnt drop at all but the bait has schooled up more than last week. We had Bass and Bluefish on the Flats corralling bait. It was hard to bet through the Blues to get to the Bass. The bluefish schools where just tearing up the bait in mini blitz fashion, very fun on the fly. Blues ranged in the 2.lb range. We pluck a few Bass in the 18-22" range on Subsurface presentation when we managed to get lucky enough to get through the Blues. Water temps still 70-73.

09/21/2021 With the incoming winds and weather I will be off the water for the next few days. The good news is that the temperatures are supposed to drop after the low pressure goes off the coast to cooler water temps will be slowly dropping. Current water temps are 73.

09/12/2021 - 09/18/2021 This week was like ground hog day, everyday offered the same conditions and experiences. Water temps are still high ranging from 72-75, loads every species of bait, grass shrimp, big schools of peanit bunker, spearing.....the bay and flats are literraly a minestrone soup of swimming edibles. Approaching the full moon we had good schools of bass tracking well on the flats but the bait still remains the issue on getting hook ups. Raising plenty of Bass but you get only one shot at hooking up and if not successful they lose interest. They have no reason to keep chasing the plug or fly when they know a continues stream of bait is being offered. This goes the same for subsurface presentations. We did have some sizable Bass come up to the surface but just could not convert. Cooler weathet is in the forcast next week which will slowly drop the water temps which will start triggereing the activity in our favor. The back country is a coiled spring and I think we are one good lowpressure away from getting the bait moving and the bass will be on their heels. I will update agian next week. Cheers.

09/07/2021 With Labor day behinds us and the crowds gone its time to start getting down to Business. Fall is definitely in the air, the mornings are getting crisp and the days getting shorter. Water temps should slowly start dropping with the cooler nights. We have a great set for the Fall run. Next update will be on Friday. Remember my new slip is Located at GIFFORD MARINA (124 Margate Blvd. Northfield NJ 08225).

09/04/2021 Well today was a carbon copy of yesterdays trip. Bass were really tracking well on the flats pushing water as the corraled the loads of bait. Still had to get them to take any artificials or Fly. as the water temperature drops and the bait starts to move the Backcountry should really fire up. I will be off the water for the Labor day weekend. Catch up with you all next week. Enjoy the weekend.

09/03/2021 Well today was very interesting and gave a good look into the future of the Fall run. We got a bit of a late start today, fishied with a father and son team. Water temps right around 70. We had pretty good moving water, a little dirty because of the recent rains. Our first stop we managed to hook up on the firts cast but after a breife fast 1st run he spit the hook. a lot of Activity we had Bass moving heavy in the shallows chasing bait schools but the were near impossible to hook up with all the natural bait moving. We has some sipping Bass working the Edges, slurping down the grass shrimps. This is what we had all day, a game of cat and mouse with hits, brief hook ups, plenty of Stikes and our fair share of Bluefish bite offs. We did wrangle in a decent Flouder that we picked up coming off the flats.

09/01/2021 Greetings all. ATTENTION!! MY NEW LOCATION is in at the old GIFFORD MARINA Northfield NJ Located on the Margate Causway (124 Margate Blvd. Northfield NJ 08225)

08/15/2021 New Slip Update. All Moved in to the new slip (124 Margate Blvd. Northfield NJ 08225), Towing the Dock/Lift over to the new spot was nothing short of an interesting experience, but we made it! the Skiff is back in the water, I will begin my reports starting again beginning 9/1. I still have some open dates for the fall run which should be in full swing by the middle of October. catch up with you soon.

07/10/2021 Greetings all. A Small hickup in Running for the next few weeks. I had someone make me an offer on my boat slip in Seaview Harbor that I just could not refuse. So the next couple of weeks will be focused on relocating my docking set-up. I found my new spot which is Located the old GIFFORD MARINA Northfield NJ Located on the Margate Causway. Very Cool old school vibe, reminds me of the old Florida Keys Marinas. I thought it could not be possible to be closer to good fishing spots compared to my old slips but I am even closer with good protected waters making running on those "sporty days" far less Sporty. ALSO, I will be going on family vacation leaving next week and will be gone until August 15th. I will resume my updates then.

07/09/2021 We pushed off from the dock with nearly the same conditions as yesterday the only difference was that the air temps dropped considerably along with the water temps going from 73 to 67 and in turn this had the Bass on the move and in feed mode. We got in front of Bass right out of the shoot today with good consistent shots at waking and tailing Bass in very skinny water. We raised 6 bass at our first location landing 2 before things cooled off. We did the hit and run tactics as we made our way to the next flat, with each spot giving us action. We kept our focus set on top water action right into high sun continuing to bring Bass of all sizes to the surface. The passing of the full moon has bass working very tight to the grass as they trap all the newly hatched baits, shrimp, peanuts, anchovies crabs.....you name it, it hatched. For the trip we raised at least 12 plus Bass on topwater, 3 others coming unbuttoned after hooking up, and landed 3 others. We are really set up for a great summer of sight fishing these schoolies as we head into the peak of the fall season. As I say every year...as the action is for the 1st week of July, so goes the rest of the season.....See it, catch it.

07/08/2021 The sight fishing continues to be excellent with good pods of Bass tailing and waking in the shallows. We stayed in front of fish the entire trip today but unfortunately had a poor landing ratio. We had a break off, heard a break off, raised bass on topwater consistently, but could not keep them hooked. Through all the trials and tribulations of the trip the good news is the fishing is good, the bass are tracking very predictably allowing us to get good head on shots at these cruising Bass. For the day we raised 6 Bass, had 3 break offs, and landed 2 teen size Bass.

07/02/2021 Another top notch day today, light winds, plenty of bait and good moving water is always a recipe for success. Aside from good consistent action today we had a real treat, a monster Weakie (photo does not do it justice) as well as completing a NJ super slam of Bass, Weakfish, Blue fish, and Flounder and the funny thing is that it all happened in one spot within 15 minutes. It was a fun trip today staying in front of Bass the entire time with a good mix of topwater action, a little subsurface action, along with a good 30 minutes of sight fishing small pods of Bass waking in the shallows. In all for the day we had 6 Bass, 1 Blue, and a Flounder.

06/24/2021 Today was a slick calm carbon copy of yesterday only the bass were moving even shallower allowing clients very good shots at waking Bass. We stayed in front of Bass all day but only manage to log one for six to the boatside. The Bass were tracking very predictably the past 2 days as the forage on the newly hatched baits that are flooding the back country flats. Most fish today were either traveling in pairs or singles but most importantly they where where they should be and willing to play by far the best 2 days of sight fishing thus far this season.

06/23/2021 Man what a difference a day makes, the gods must have heard my prayers. We got in front of Bass right out of the gate today with raising 2 Bass on topwater at our first location of the day. With the current flowing hard and cloudy threatening skies we decided to keep on keeping on with the top water presentation. We did a hit and runs on our way to an old school spot that was looking way to good to pass up, and 3 casts in and we were hooked up with a nice teen size Bass. We raised 2 other Bass and caught another 2 teen size schoolies. It was now confirmed that I would be running to all my old school spots of yesteryear. So with that in mind we raced across the shallows to target layed up Bass in the basins and 4 casts in to the area and we raised a nice Bass that turned off boatside. A few minutes later we hooked up with another nice fish in the 26" class and a few minutes later we had him boat side for photos. We saw the pattern of these bass plain as day at this location raising another 3 bass going 0/3 at that spot. As we neared the end of our trip I decided to run to one last area that if all was still going according to plan should have Bass laid up, ready and willing and usually holds larger bass....and they where. We missed 3 Bass, broke off another and boated 3 others all between 28 and 30". I gotta tell ya today was a well needed day breaking that "pattern of no pattern" Bass fishing. now that the bait is hear the Bass finally got into positions that are much more stabile and pattern oriented. I love it when a plan comes together. Let the games begin.

06/22/2021 It was tough sledding today despite all the god looking water. We had 3 Bass lost today along with several other grabs but we just could not get the fish to the boat. Bait is pouring in through out the backcountry and we are still wound tight for action to resume in a pattern that will set us up for summer.

06/18/2021 The winds and weather will keep me of the water the next couple of days.

06/17/2021 A refreshing change today, a stiff ENE 15 knt wind, 56 degree air temps, cooler water temps and bad weather on the way. Our first stop of the day was loaded with bait. Looked great but dished up nada on top water. We made a decent run to an area that had Bass showing themselves as they staged to make their exit into the channels for the soon to be high sun conditions. We saw our 1st roller about an hour into the trip, then another and another, and things began to happen. We stalked a pod of Bass for about 45 minutes as they tracked up and down the grass flat somewhat predictably. For the exception of 2 brief hook ups we could not swoon these skittish Bass to the hook. We decided with our sight fishing shots on the wane we would press on to find more cooperative fish. We rolled into one of my springtime basins that looked just far too good to pass up, and no sooner did we quietly slip in and throw a couple of casts then we had our first brief encounter with a bass. A few minutes later we were hooked up with a couple of 19" Bass. A few casts and strikes later we were tight to another Bass that turned out to be a nice 27" specimen. We had a few more grabs as we fished our way through the basin but unfortunately no more Bass to the boat.

06/09/2021 Scotland yard conditions once again today. Light winds, slight drizzle and severe thunder storms predicted for later on....pure weather window conditions. We started the day throwing topwater but could not find any takers so we switched tactics and locations and things started to change. A few hits here, a few there, then we got the skunk from the boat about 1/2 hour into the trip. We continued having a good number of "ninja" strikes but just could not get them stuck on the hook. About 30 minutes later we had ourselves our second Bass of the day, then the spot shut off as it seemed we had a 1 Bass allotment. We ran once again to fish a little structure in an area that always holds very nice size Bass and after a 25 minute casting session we had a big bass crash our lure only to break us off a minute later leaving only a beach ball size boil in the water as he headed back down into the current. We decided to call it a day as we heard the impending storms growing closer and I must say timing is everything. We were at the dock no longer than 15 minutes and all heck broke loose, lightning filled the skies and torrential rains began to come down. Even though it was tough fishing I could plainly see that the backcountry is wound tight and set to unleash that legendary Bass action...bait..current...it is all falling into place.

06/08/2021 Well today...what can I say, foggy conditions, cool air temps and a lot of fishy looking water. Our first area we poled into was super shallow and looked like we should have action and within 10 minutes we had our first bass crash our top water offering and a few minutes later we had the skunk from the boat. Little did I know that this would once again be the only Bass to the boat today. We did get onto a few Bass that were purely sight fishable but man they were very spooky and not willing to play. We pressed on continuing to do hit and runs for the remainder of the trip. As the day wound down we decided to hit one more spot in hopes of getting another bass to the boat but all we could dish up on the last cast of the day was a big lurker Bass in the 33" range follow our lure boat side before swiping at it and missing, only to turn and swim away to play another day.

06/05/2021 The weather forecast of NE winds 20-30 has forced me to reschedule todays trip. My next update will be on Monday. Have a great wekend.

06/04/2021 Well we attempted to shoot for the weather window today and almost had it right. we got the weather but not quit the window. It was a struggle today on the fly. NE winds blowing 20 in combination with high water held back the action for us today. We had a few good tugs throughout the trip but only manage 1 Bass boat side.

05/10/2021 Greetings all. Things are gradually moving along down here but I am a running little behind my usual start up date of May 15th. I am currently in the middle of a trolling motor upgrade which has required som re-rigging of cables and batteries in order to keep the appropriate balance of the boat. This project will probably take another week or so, I Hope. I will Splash the boat for a couple of shakedown trips and get it set up over to the marina for the season. Water Temps are in the mid to upper 50's, I have been seeing a lot of bait moving around as well so I expect good fishing right out of the gate this season. I will continue to update as things progress. Catch up with you all soon.

01/01/2021 HAPPY NEW YEARS !!!!! see you all in the Spring. Shooting for a May 15th Start.

12/11/2020 Well today was the last nice day in the forseable future so unfottunately that meant it was going to be "pull the boat day". I must say that using a nice day to do scutt work is never fun especially when running to to boat ramp, every spot looks good and other boats your driving by are hooking up. But with that said, Thats Life. I just wanted to say thank you for all those folks who braved the Covid this fall to grab some fun, it was great see you all again! For those who stayed away this year I completely understand that as well and look foward to seeing Y'all again in 2021 when this whole pandemic thing in the rearview mirror. Anyway Merry Christams to every one and have a Happy and Safe New Years. See you in 2021.

12/10/2020 Water was definitely cold at 45, the air was 55, good water moving and the fishing had that feeling that the season could come to a close today. It was all or none today. The bass were either thick as thieves or void of any life. Started off throwing top water, raised 3 Bass landed 2, Then the next 3 areas provided a lot of excersize but no results to show for the work put in. We settled down in an area that is always a good late season fall spot, and it didnt let us down this year. Once we had a few hits we dialed in to the zone they were holding we wrangled up 9bass, 1/2 of which had some larger Lurkers hanging out below them when being landed boatside. we stayed on this group of fish for about 45 minutes before they moved on at which time we decided to do the same. Bass today ranged in size from 30-33". Water Temps 45.

12/07/2020 Today looked just like the past few days only on the oppisite side of the tide. Had some high water to contend with early in the day but once it started dropping the Bass started moving, We plenty of action but a bad hook up/landing rate. The bass were giving one chance only type of styrikes today and if you slept on it that would be the end. In total today we had 8 Bass 30-32". Water temps 46 degrees and Cloudy. Unless the weather outlook changes it looks like I'm going to run my last trip of the tomorrow.

12/05/2020 Today was a carbon copy of yesterday only in different areas + 10 knot winds. In total for the afternoon we had 13 Bass, with 4 of them on the fly. Water temps dropped substantially ranging between 46-49 Degrees everywhere.

12/04/2020 Pushing the season limits with a string of decent weather. Today we got on them immediately, withraising 5 Bass at our first spot of the day, all were very nice in size but unfortunately we could not convert. Knowing we would come back to the same spot again to end our trip we decided to press on and hit and run spots and leave a breadcrumb trail of success. We got on to a good group of holding Bass in a little deeper water. We Wrangled up 10 Bass ranging insize from 22-28". We stayed on that group for about 40 minutes then took a quick skiff ride to the spot we started our day,. This spot we would want to stay until sunset Started slow by only seeing Bass cruising but not approachable but as the sun dropped a little lower in the sky, that skittishness disappeared and the games began with boating 8 more bass raising 2 x that and 1 on Subsurface. All bass ranged between 24-30".

12/01/2020 Just coming off a snotty but great trip I figured for sure that today do the same until the forcast changed the wind direction from E to SW, the kiss of death of winds and that exactly what it was 99.9 percent of the trip. If it wasnt for 2 hog bass we raised on topwater at the last spot of the day the whole day would have been wash. water temps are steady at 51. Weather is coming in over the next couple days. my next report will next week.

11/28/2020 Today we rolled the dice to run the trip and slip in a small weather window between pouring rain with no wind and clear skies with tons of wind. Aside from the mass amount of rain in our face while running, it was a good decision to make the run. We were on Bass from the first stop to the last spot which happened to be the same place both times with other flats mixed between. We had 12 Bass today ranging in size from 22"-30" with raising large fish on topwater but we just could not close the deal on them. All but one bass was on topwater and interstingly enough all the bass were in the sloppiest of waters of the trip. The nice areas that looked good were bad and the spots that looked horrible were good. after about 3 hours we called it quits as the weather window closed on us ushering in 20-30 knt winds

11/27/2020 Today was tough sledding with a stiff 15-20 SW wind, Dirty water......we Trudged optimisticly throught the trip knowing that it only takes one spot to change the day and the time payed off about 3/4 through the trip. One spot, a couple of hits, then dial in. That recipe put 6 Bass to the boat in 10 casts. All fish between 18-22"

11/21/2020 Light winds overcast skies dropping tide goid moving water. All is the recipe for success. We started out all about top water with raising about 6 Bass within our first hour of working the flats. Started out with intersted school size bass, but as the sun dropped lower the Bass got bigger with some sizeable fish crashing the plugs but all managed to avoid being hooked. We switched over to targeting some subsurface spots to get a some bass to the boat. We managed to wrangle up 4 bass between 18-22" lost 3 others all landed bass had good size 30" + lurking below. Losing light we made a quick run to switch up to top water to end the trip. Much like last trip this was the ugliest looking spot of the day and once again the flood gates opened. Raised 4 hogs on the first 5 casts, all some how missed the hooks. We had fish every cast for the next 1/2 hour landing 7 more and raised twice that. Very exciting. The run seems to be about 2 weeks behind normal the the reports will continue flowing until December

11/17/2020 Despite the super tide this morning, today was one of those days that felt and looked as if we would be getting fish every cast. Overcast, light rain, you know the drill. We were relentless on top water for the first 2hrs with out a sniff, then the day turned when Isaw a pod of layed stemming the current which lead up to plucking our 1st bass of the day, a nice 28"er. From that point on it was game on. We managed to stay in front of bass the majority of the afternoon. The last spot of the trip was the ugliest, rawest, snottyest un-fishyest looking spot of the day and it turned out to be the best of the day.. when we got onto a school of keyed up fish the had no prom entertaing us and our topwater offerings. We stayed on this school for about 40 ninutes rasing 10 or so bass landed another 7 and was a great way to end the trip. Today really showed the best signs of the fall chaos.

11/09/2020 Today started out as a laid up Bass Palooza. Slick calm waters and moving bass had us in front of fish all morning. Goods pods a bass pushing bait around the flats. We threw topwater all morning picking up 8 bass 18-22" rasised countless others until the tide & high sun shut down the dite. Looking good water tempos 57.

11/01/2020 - 11/04/2020 The past 3 days have been like groundhog day. Each day was a corbon copy of the other prior. Stiff SW 15knt winds which are always the kiss of death. Thankfully its fall so we did manage about 4 bass a trip but it was dished out 1 bite 1 bass per spot limit. Waters are murky but Temps are good ranging between 55-59

10/25/2020 The winds were up early today blowing a steady 15knts, ENE Oversact skies, very hard to get any protection, and very little water moving. It seemed that we were on a one fish per spot limit today with random grabs leading up to the bite. We had in total about 6 Bass today ranging in size from 18"- 24". We did drop one good size fish trying to muscle him out before he would pull us into structure. Waters temps are warm at a steady 61 Degrees. We are still in need of a good cold snap to really get the bass and bait moving.

10/07/2020 The winds were up early today blowing a steady 15knts, but we were fortunate enough to catch enough low water conditions to keep us protected. We did manage to pull 3 bass out holes all ranging in size from 18"-22". Missed 5 others on topwater. Beat is plentyfull and good tides upcoming I expect that the next cold snap will light up the backcountry as the bait begins to move. Next Report will be on 10/09/2020. I still have goods dates avilaible through Thanksgiving.

10/06/2020 Beautiful day, slick water conditions and not a stitch of wind. We had fish moving all morning but it was hard to get the Bass to bite due to the quantity of bait. We had a few rollers early in the trip but it was not until the later part of the trip that we dialed in on a couple of Bass feeding hard on shrimp in the grass. We fished for this Bass for 35 minutes on the fly before we finally made the presentaion that he wanted to see. The back country is still winding tight like a coiled spring and due to unleash any day

10/05/2020 Once again today, fall is in the air. We pushed off from the dock with air temps @ 50 degrees and water temps @ 60 degrees with overcast skies...We rolled into our first area of the day with all looking very good but we worked it for about 1/2 hour with no luck, despite how great the spot looked. With a strict tide time schedule, as always, we ran to our next spot that offers a very small window of opportunity. We pulled up to the spot, which showed all the signs that it would produce Bass. After a handful of casts we laid the fly up into the pocket perfectly and the result was a nice Bass crashing on it, but unfortunately it did not hook up as we had only the one shot at him...you know the "one and done." With another handful of casts under our belt with no results we pressed on to another opportunity and an opportunity it was indeed. We settled in, staked out, and worked our mojo waiting for the Bass to come to us. After about 5 minutes we were solidly hooked up with our first Bass of the day which ended up boat side a few minutes later. A quick pic and we released this nice 24" ocean Bass. It was but only a handful of casts later and we were again tight on a Bass only this time it was a cut bigger as he was sporting those Fall Bass thick shoulders and giving us a run for our money, but after a shrewd battle this 27" beauty was boat side and smiling for pictures. Once released the day changed quickly. The sun popped out and it became a bluebird day...the action shut down as fast as it started. The water temperature during high sun was 61, which is just a bit too high for the high sun bite of the fall.

10/04/2020 Hello Fall....Well what can I say fall was definitely in the air and in the water today with NE winds 15knts, 50 degree air temps, 60 degree water temps and the Bass on the move. For the exception of our first stop of the day we stayed in front of Bass the entire trip today with the Bass at most locations tracking and moving very predictably and very willing to cooperate. Despite the plethora of bait running, the top water action was nada, but subsurface presentation was the hot ticket. We had 12+ Bass today ranging in size from 20" to 32" plus a few dropped fish and 1 bruiser that broke us off. The Fall is officially here....let the games begin.

09/27/2020 I will be out of town at the Carisle Car show Fleamarket until the 10/02/2020 so no reports until I return. I expect that the backcountry will be perched to move into full throttle mode as we approach Halloween which is ALWAYS one of the best days of the year and will continue through Thanksgiving. I will update when I return.

09/26/2020 The roller coaster of action continued again today with beautiful looking water, smooth conditions and difficulty getting the Bass to eat. We were on Bass again today at our first 2 flats of the day but the massive amount of bait offered too much competition for throwing the fly today. Grass shrimp crabs, mullet, spearing peanut bunker...and the list goes on. The good news is that there are a lot of Bass around, including some very sizable ones as we saw a few on today's trip. The most impressive sighting came while running from flat to flat when I saw the entire back of a solid 36" + Bass roll on a pod of peanuts as he cruised the edge of the flat. Unfortunately by the time we made it over to the area he had moved on and never showed himself again. Heavy winds over the next few days will keep me off the water but I believe that with the winds and incoming nighttime cold air temps in the upper 50's that this will drop the water temps from the summer time 70 to fallish 65 and trigger the 1st push of Bass throughout the SJ Back country.

09/21/2020 Weather watching was the focus leading into today's trip. With big storms moving through overnight, my focus was to hit the lighter wind weather window between the S 20-30 and NW 20-30 and when we pushed off from the dock it looked like the plan was coming together nicely. We rolled into our 1st area of the day and we could already see 100 yrds away bass pushing pods of mullet and peanut Bunker...into the shallows. We worked our way into the basin and man oh man there was so much bait you could walk on them and as much as this is a good thing it can be bad as well, making the Bass very hard to feed as was the case throughout today's trip. We took shots at Bass on top water for about half the day before poking around a little deeper but all we found were Bluefish...The winds came up pretty stiff blowing 25knts so we decided to call it a day. The back country right now is loaded thick with every bait imaginable and is getting that "coiled spring" type feeling when the action explodes ringing the gong for the fall run

09/20/2020 . A blue bird day fell upon us today with light winds and crystal clear waters. As we ran to our first area of the day we had good moving water and plenty of good looking fishable seams, a quick hit and run provided one strike but no boated Bass. A short skiff ride across the shallows put us in some tight quarters and fast moving water. Four strikes in the first ten casts we were already off to a good start, then a few cast later we had our first Bass to the boat a nice fish at 26". We stayed on these fish for about an hour giving us 8 more Bass to the boat, 3 break offs, and several other Bass the just came unbuttoned after the first run. After our window of opportunity closed at that location we pressed on to stay in front of swift moving water. With in a few minutes after settling down at our flat de jour we were hooked up again with a big Bass that put the screws to us and dropped the fly after a blistering first run. We got our selves back into position presented another cast and hooked up again but this time he broke us off. Three more hook ups and drops later we managed to pluck another 2 Bass from the area both in the 28" range. So in total for the trip we had 11 Bass to the boat all on the fly, photographed and released in great shape, as always.

09/17/2020 Greeted with overcast skies, calm winds and not another boat in site the entire afternoon what more could you ask for. We got on to fish immediately which continued through out our trip with action all areas visited. Things fell in line over all for the day with a dozen or so Bluefish of all sizes, 5 Sea bass while going vertical while searching for gator size Weakfish, and 6 Bass of which 5 taken on top water and the others on subsurface @ 25" that when brought to the boat had good size friends lurking below which is a very good sign when entering the fall season. Water temperatures are beginning to cool a bit more with 67 - 68 degrees being the average. The cool air temperatures that are predicted for the next week should get the bass increasingly on the move that in combination with prime tides coming off the full moon should have the Bass moving fairly predictably.

09/15/2020 We ran early for session in search of early morning tailing Bass in the ebb shallows. As we approached the entry to our first area we could already see fish pushing and moving all over in the shallows which looked to be a mix of Bass and Bluefish. We raised 2 Bass in our first few cast then came our first fish of the day to the boat a fun sized Bluefish about 3.lbs.follwed by a half dozen others all taken on topwater. This became the pattern for the remainder of the morning with raising a few Bass at each location again offering non committal one time shots and the Bluefish that would not let the fly get past them. Water temperatures 72-73




Greetings all. Here we are perched to start another season. First I'd like to thank everyone who reached out to me during my hiatus following my dad's passing and for your patience while I took care of family business. During my time off I have made some changes to the guide service, most importantly being my location change. I have permanently moved my operation from my old place, located on the highway, into the prestigious Seaview Harbor Marina. So you will now find me located on DOCK B #4 directly in front of Caffe Luciano’s restaurant & bar. Last Fall I had a great opportunity arise to purchase a large 65' slip over in the actual marina in Seaview Harbor. So just like fishing, when you get the opportunity to make the cast and hook up you take it .... so needless to say a week later the slip was mine. This move not only streamlines my business it will provide many added benefits to you, my clients. The slip accommodates both my boats so the choice of heading offshore or inshore is a few feet away. Now, after your trip is done you may enjoy all the resort amenities, pool, jacuzzi, bathrooms, showers, clubhouse, private beach, reserved parking with security, courtesy of your Captain.

I will be periodically updating the reports section of my website throughout the fall season but my report emails will not start up again until summer 2019. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to give a call or email me. Once again thanks to all for your patience and look ford to seeing you on the bow.

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