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05/10/2021 Greetings all. Things are gradually moving along down here but I am a running little behind my usual start up date of May 15th. I am currently in the middle of a trolling motor upgrade which has required som re-rigging of cables and batteries in order to keep the appropriate balance of the boat. This project will probably take another week or so, I Hope. I will Splash the boat for a couple of shakedown trips and get it set up over to the marina for the season. Water Temps are in the mid to upper 50's, I have been seeing a lot of bait moving around as well so I expect good fishing right out of the gate this season. I will continue to update as things progress. Catch up with you all soon.

01/01/2021 HAPPY NEW YEARS !!!!! see you all in the Spring. Shooting for a May 15th Start.

12/11/2020 Well today was the last nice day in the forseable future so unfottunately that meant it was going to be "pull the boat day". I must say that using a nice day to do scutt work is never fun especially when running to to boat ramp, every spot looks good and other boats your driving by are hooking up. But with that said, Thats Life. I just wanted to say thank you for all those folks who braved the Covid this fall to grab some fun, it was great see you all again! For those who stayed away this year I completely understand that as well and look foward to seeing Y'all again in 2021 when this whole pandemic thing in the rearview mirror. Anyway Merry Christams to every one and have a Happy and Safe New Years. See you in 2021.

12/10/2020 Water was definitely cold at 45, the air was 55, good water moving and the fishing had that feeling that the season could come to a close today. It was all or none today. The bass were either thick as thieves or void of any life. Started off throwing top water, raised 3 Bass landed 2, Then the next 3 areas provided a lot of excersize but no results to show for the work put in. We settled down in an area that is always a good late season fall spot, and it didnt let us down this year. Once we had a few hits we dialed in to the zone they were holding we wrangled up 9bass, 1/2 of which had some larger Lurkers hanging out below them when being landed boatside. we stayed on this group of fish for about 45 minutes before they moved on at which time we decided to do the same. Bass today ranged in size from 30-33". Water Temps 45.

12/07/2020 Today looked just like the past few days only on the oppisite side of the tide. Had some high water to contend with early in the day but once it started dropping the Bass started moving, We plenty of action but a bad hook up/landing rate. The bass were giving one chance only type of styrikes today and if you slept on it that would be the end. In total today we had 8 Bass 30-32". Water temps 46 degrees and Cloudy. Unless the weather outlook changes it looks like I'm going to run my last trip of the tomorrow.

12/05/2020 Today was a carbon copy of yesterday only in different areas + 10 knot winds. In total for the afternoon we had 13 Bass, with 4 of them on the fly. Water temps dropped substantially ranging between 46-49 Degrees everywhere.

12/04/2020 Pushing the season limits with a string of decent weather. Today we got on them immediately, withraising 5 Bass at our first spot of the day, all were very nice in size but unfortunately we could not convert. Knowing we would come back to the same spot again to end our trip we decided to press on and hit and run spots and leave a breadcrumb trail of success. We got on to a good group of holding Bass in a little deeper water. We Wrangled up 10 Bass ranging insize from 22-28". We stayed on that group for about 40 minutes then took a quick skiff ride to the spot we started our day,. This spot we would want to stay until sunset Started slow by only seeing Bass cruising but not approachable but as the sun dropped a little lower in the sky, that skittishness disappeared and the games began with boating 8 more bass raising 2 x that and 1 on Subsurface. All bass ranged between 24-30".

12/01/2020 Just coming off a snotty but great trip I figured for sure that today do the same until the forcast changed the wind direction from E to SW, the kiss of death of winds and that exactly what it was 99.9 percent of the trip. If it wasnt for 2 hog bass we raised on topwater at the last spot of the day the whole day would have been wash. water temps are steady at 51. Weather is coming in over the next couple days. my next report will next week.

11/28/2020 Today we rolled the dice to run the trip and slip in a small weather window between pouring rain with no wind and clear skies with tons of wind. Aside from the mass amount of rain in our face while running, it was a good decision to make the run. We were on Bass from the first stop to the last spot which happened to be the same place both times with other flats mixed between. We had 12 Bass today ranging in size from 22"-30" with raising large fish on topwater but we just could not close the deal on them. All but one bass was on topwater and interstingly enough all the bass were in the sloppiest of waters of the trip. The nice areas that looked good were bad and the spots that looked horrible were good. after about 3 hours we called it quits as the weather window closed on us ushering in 20-30 knt winds

11/27/2020 Today was tough sledding with a stiff 15-20 SW wind, Dirty water......we Trudged optimisticly throught the trip knowing that it only takes one spot to change the day and the time payed off about 3/4 through the trip. One spot, a couple of hits, then dial in. That recipe put 6 Bass to the boat in 10 casts. All fish between 18-22"

11/21/2020 Light winds overcast skies dropping tide goid moving water. All is the recipe for success. We started out all about top water with raising about 6 Bass within our first hour of working the flats. Started out with intersted school size bass, but as the sun dropped lower the Bass got bigger with some sizeable fish crashing the plugs but all managed to avoid being hooked. We switched over to targeting some subsurface spots to get a some bass to the boat. We managed to wrangle up 4 bass between 18-22" lost 3 others all landed bass had good size 30" + lurking below. Losing light we made a quick run to switch up to top water to end the trip. Much like last trip this was the ugliest looking spot of the day and once again the flood gates opened. Raised 4 hogs on the first 5 casts, all some how missed the hooks. We had fish every cast for the next 1/2 hour landing 7 more and raised twice that. Very exciting. The run seems to be about 2 weeks behind normal the the reports will continue flowing until December

11/17/2020 Despite the super tide this morning, today was one of those days that felt and looked as if we would be getting fish every cast. Overcast, light rain, you know the drill. We were relentless on top water for the first 2hrs with out a sniff, then the day turned when Isaw a pod of layed stemming the current which lead up to plucking our 1st bass of the day, a nice 28"er. From that point on it was game on. We managed to stay in front of bass the majority of the afternoon. The last spot of the trip was the ugliest, rawest, snottyest un-fishyest looking spot of the day and it turned out to be the best of the day.. when we got onto a school of keyed up fish the had no prom entertaing us and our topwater offerings. We stayed on this school for about 40 ninutes rasing 10 or so bass landed another 7 and was a great way to end the trip. Today really showed the best signs of the fall chaos.

11/09/2020 Today started out as a laid up Bass Palooza. Slick calm waters and moving bass had us in front of fish all morning. Goods pods a bass pushing bait around the flats. We threw topwater all morning picking up 8 bass 18-22" rasised countless others until the tide & high sun shut down the dite. Looking good water tempos 57.

11/01/2020 - 11/04/2020 The past 3 days have been like groundhog day. Each day was a corbon copy of the other prior. Stiff SW 15knt winds which are always the kiss of death. Thankfully its fall so we did manage about 4 bass a trip but it was dished out 1 bite 1 bass per spot limit. Waters are murky but Temps are good ranging between 55-59

10/25/2020 The winds were up early today blowing a steady 15knts, ENE Oversact skies, very hard to get any protection, and very little water moving. It seemed that we were on a one fish per spot limit today with random grabs leading up to the bite. We had in total about 6 Bass today ranging in size from 18"- 24". We did drop one good size fish trying to muscle him out before he would pull us into structure. Waters temps are warm at a steady 61 Degrees. We are still in need of a good cold snap to really get the bass and bait moving.

10/07/2020 The winds were up early today blowing a steady 15knts, but we were fortunate enough to catch enough low water conditions to keep us protected. We did manage to pull 3 bass out holes all ranging in size from 18"-22". Missed 5 others on topwater. Beat is plentyfull and good tides upcoming I expect that the next cold snap will light up the backcountry as the bait begins to move. Next Report will be on 10/09/2020. I still have goods dates avilaible through Thanksgiving.

10/06/2020 Beautiful day, slick water conditions and not a stitch of wind. We had fish moving all morning but it was hard to get the Bass to bite due to the quantity of bait. We had a few rollers early in the trip but it was not until the later part of the trip that we dialed in on a couple of Bass feeding hard on shrimp in the grass. We fished for this Bass for 35 minutes on the fly before we finally made the presentaion that he wanted to see. The back country is still winding tight like a coiled spring and due to unleash any day

10/05/2020 Once again today, fall is in the air. We pushed off from the dock with air temps @ 50 degrees and water temps @ 60 degrees with overcast skies...We rolled into our first area of the day with all looking very good but we worked it for about 1/2 hour with no luck, despite how great the spot looked. With a strict tide time schedule, as always, we ran to our next spot that offers a very small window of opportunity. We pulled up to the spot, which showed all the signs that it would produce Bass. After a handful of casts we laid the fly up into the pocket perfectly and the result was a nice Bass crashing on it, but unfortunately it did not hook up as we had only the one shot at him...you know the "one and done." With another handful of casts under our belt with no results we pressed on to another opportunity and an opportunity it was indeed. We settled in, staked out, and worked our mojo waiting for the Bass to come to us. After about 5 minutes we were solidly hooked up with our first Bass of the day which ended up boat side a few minutes later. A quick pic and we released this nice 24" ocean Bass. It was but only a handful of casts later and we were again tight on a Bass only this time it was a cut bigger as he was sporting those Fall Bass thick shoulders and giving us a run for our money, but after a shrewd battle this 27" beauty was boat side and smiling for pictures. Once released the day changed quickly. The sun popped out and it became a bluebird day...the action shut down as fast as it started. The water temperature during high sun was 61, which is just a bit too high for the high sun bite of the fall.

10/04/2020 Hello Fall....Well what can I say fall was definitely in the air and in the water today with NE winds 15knts, 50 degree air temps, 60 degree water temps and the Bass on the move. For the exception of our first stop of the day we stayed in front of Bass the entire trip today with the Bass at most locations tracking and moving very predictably and very willing to cooperate. Despite the plethora of bait running, the top water action was nada, but subsurface presentation was the hot ticket. We had 12+ Bass today ranging in size from 20" to 32" plus a few dropped fish and 1 bruiser that broke us off. The Fall is officially here....let the games begin.

09/27/2020 I will be out of town at the Carisle Car show Fleamarket until the 10/02/2020 so no reports until I return. I expect that the backcountry will be perched to move into full throttle mode as we approach Halloween which is ALWAYS one of the best days of the year and will continue through Thanksgiving. I will update when I return.

09/26/2020 The roller coaster of action continued again today with beautiful looking water, smooth conditions and difficulty getting the Bass to eat. We were on Bass again today at our first 2 flats of the day but the massive amount of bait offered too much competition for throwing the fly today. Grass shrimp crabs, mullet, spearing peanut bunker...and the list goes on. The good news is that there are a lot of Bass around, including some very sizable ones as we saw a few on today's trip. The most impressive sighting came while running from flat to flat when I saw the entire back of a solid 36" + Bass roll on a pod of peanuts as he cruised the edge of the flat. Unfortunately by the time we made it over to the area he had moved on and never showed himself again. Heavy winds over the next few days will keep me off the water but I believe that with the winds and incoming nighttime cold air temps in the upper 50's that this will drop the water temps from the summer time 70 to fallish 65 and trigger the 1st push of Bass throughout the SJ Back country.

09/21/2020 Weather watching was the focus leading into today's trip. With big storms moving through overnight, my focus was to hit the lighter wind weather window between the S 20-30 and NW 20-30 and when we pushed off from the dock it looked like the plan was coming together nicely. We rolled into our 1st area of the day and we could already see 100 yrds away bass pushing pods of mullet and peanut Bunker...into the shallows. We worked our way into the basin and man oh man there was so much bait you could walk on them and as much as this is a good thing it can be bad as well, making the Bass very hard to feed as was the case throughout today's trip. We took shots at Bass on top water for about half the day before poking around a little deeper but all we found were Bluefish...The winds came up pretty stiff blowing 25knts so we decided to call it a day. The back country right now is loaded thick with every bait imaginable and is getting that "coiled spring" type feeling when the action explodes ringing the gong for the fall run

09/20/2020 . A blue bird day fell upon us today with light winds and crystal clear waters. As we ran to our first area of the day we had good moving water and plenty of good looking fishable seams, a quick hit and run provided one strike but no boated Bass. A short skiff ride across the shallows put us in some tight quarters and fast moving water. Four strikes in the first ten casts we were already off to a good start, then a few cast later we had our first Bass to the boat a nice fish at 26". We stayed on these fish for about an hour giving us 8 more Bass to the boat, 3 break offs, and several other Bass the just came unbuttoned after the first run. After our window of opportunity closed at that location we pressed on to stay in front of swift moving water. With in a few minutes after settling down at our flat de jour we were hooked up again with a big Bass that put the screws to us and dropped the fly after a blistering first run. We got our selves back into position presented another cast and hooked up again but this time he broke us off. Three more hook ups and drops later we managed to pluck another 2 Bass from the area both in the 28" range. So in total for the trip we had 11 Bass to the boat all on the fly, photographed and released in great shape, as always.

09/17/2020 Greeted with overcast skies, calm winds and not another boat in site the entire afternoon what more could you ask for. We got on to fish immediately which continued through out our trip with action all areas visited. Things fell in line over all for the day with a dozen or so Bluefish of all sizes, 5 Sea bass while going vertical while searching for gator size Weakfish, and 6 Bass of which 5 taken on top water and the others on subsurface @ 25" that when brought to the boat had good size friends lurking below which is a very good sign when entering the fall season. Water temperatures are beginning to cool a bit more with 67 - 68 degrees being the average. The cool air temperatures that are predicted for the next week should get the bass increasingly on the move that in combination with prime tides coming off the full moon should have the Bass moving fairly predictably.

09/15/2020 We ran early for session in search of early morning tailing Bass in the ebb shallows. As we approached the entry to our first area we could already see fish pushing and moving all over in the shallows which looked to be a mix of Bass and Bluefish. We raised 2 Bass in our first few cast then came our first fish of the day to the boat a fun sized Bluefish about 3.lbs.follwed by a half dozen others all taken on topwater. This became the pattern for the remainder of the morning with raising a few Bass at each location again offering non committal one time shots and the Bluefish that would not let the fly get past them. Water temperatures 72-73




Greetings all. Here we are perched to start another season. First I'd like to thank everyone who reached out to me during my hiatus following my dad's passing and for your patience while I took care of family business. During my time off I have made some changes to the guide service, most importantly being my location change. I have permanently moved my operation from my old place, located on the highway, into the prestigious Seaview Harbor Marina. So you will now find me located on DOCK B #4 directly in front of Caffe Luciano’s restaurant & bar. Last Fall I had a great opportunity arise to purchase a large 65' slip over in the actual marina in Seaview Harbor. So just like fishing, when you get the opportunity to make the cast and hook up you take it .... so needless to say a week later the slip was mine. This move not only streamlines my business it will provide many added benefits to you, my clients. The slip accommodates both my boats so the choice of heading offshore or inshore is a few feet away. Now, after your trip is done you may enjoy all the resort amenities, pool, jacuzzi, bathrooms, showers, clubhouse, private beach, reserved parking with security, courtesy of your Captain.

I will be periodically updating the reports section of my website throughout the fall season but my report emails will not start up again until summer 2019. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to give a call or email me. Once again thanks to all for your patience and look ford to seeing you on the bow.

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